...I've long thought about (and have been asked for) book recommendations...and so each book listed is one that I not only enthusiastically recommend, but either own, or have read...


all of Steve Forrest's books are delightful.... and he is, without doubt, one of the master astrologic teachers of our generation. The way I learned astrology was essentially through reading Steve Forrest. Sure, there are other important teachers out there...but HIS style is what does it for me....


The Inner Sky: How to Make Wiser Choices for a More Fulfilling Life
The Changing Sky: A Practical Guide to Predictive Astrology
The Book of Pluto
: Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology
The Planets Within: The Astrological Philosophy of Marsilio Ficino

The Planets Within is by Thomas Moore (of Care of the Soul fame). His perspective always provides a non-threatening invitation towards greater depth in every aspect of daily life. And having said that, you will also find his Dark Eros: The Imagination of Sadism to be particularly enlightening...


All of Robert Johnson's books are an easy read. They constitute an invaluable and highly accessible opening into the jungian perspective...


Owning Your Own Shadow : Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche
Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth
Ecstasy, the psychology of joy
Alchemical Active Imagination : Revised Edition (C. G. Jung Foundation Books) by Marie-Louise von Franz

Marie-Louise von Franz was one of Carl Jung's closest protégées.... Her style is particularly interesting...and her insights are beyond valuable. Many of her most interesting books have to do with her forte...the interpretation of fairy tales....

Fairy Tales


Golden Ass of Apuleius : The Liberation of the Feminine in Man by Marie-Louise von Franz
The Transformation of Lucius otherwise known as The Golden Ass...a 1951 translation by Robert Graves from Apuleius
The Feminine in Fairy Tales by Marie-Louise von Franz
Animus and Anima in Fairy Tales by Marie-Louise von Franz
Women Who Run With the Wolves : Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D

Robert Graves gives us the original...well...a translation of the Latin original...within which is the story of Cupid and Psyche...or the Psyche / Eros myth....
It's all quite a story...and the Noonday Press tells us that "T.E. Lawrence carried it, in its original Latin, in his saddlebags with him all through the Arab Revolt...."
Marie-Louise von Franz gives us a jungian interpretation of the entire story. This book, and many of her other works on fairy tales tend to illustrate the fact that according to Nature, feminine and masculine traits...i.e. the Archetypes of Feminine and Masculine, are NOT gender specific.
Doctor Estes...who is also a jungian analyst...gives us a wonderful (and popular) ride on myths and fairytales having to do with the Feminine...but interestingly, the book seems to insist that the Feminine is exclusive to the female gender. My sense is that this was a publishing decision...and not what the good doctor meant at all.

(In fact...to insist on this gender identification with the archetype would be to deny the crux of all alchemical work...not to mention mystical tradition...which speaks of the Hierosgamos...the Divine Marriage...i.e. the marriage of the Inner Feminine to the Inner Masculine...that which can (and MUST) take place within each individual....)


"One question: Have you learned that One, by learning which everything is known? And by forgetting which all knowledge is futile, meaningless -- just a burden -- not a help, but a harm?"


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
The Iron Flute: 100 Zen Koans by Nyogen Senzaki
The Mustard Seed: Commentaries on the Fifth Gospel of Saint Thomas by Osho / Rajneesh
Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories: and other disasters by Jean Shepherd
In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash by Jean Shepherd

so...was Jean Shepherd really a mystic?



Irrational Man: A Study in Existential Philosophy by William Barrett
Death of the Soul: From Descartes to the Computer by William Barrett
Ways of Seeing by John Berger
How to Look At Sculpture by David Finn
Zen Driving: Become a Buddha Behind the Wheel by K. T. Berger
The Tao of Psychology: Synchronicity and the Self by Jean Bolen, M.D.

These are the books that I looked into when I realized that I needed a radical shift in perspective. If the world was not going to change for me (when I most wanted it to)...I had heard somewhere that perhaps the problem lay more in my own attitude towards it (and everything). I found myself wandering around a bookstore one day looking to see if there might be some useful information on how one might go about seeing the world in a new / different way.

That’s when I became a John Berger and William Barrett junkie. Of course, later on I became a Jung junkie. David Finn's book on sculpture completely changed my life, and although i haven't read his other books...I would expect that they too are exceptional.
How to Look at Everything by David Finn
How to Visit a Museum by David Finn