kristo's daily horoscope

a little bit about
kristo and Intuition

kristo is me, Curtis Cates, MD
an artist, alchemist, astrologer, and physician
in the tradition of Paracelsus, Jung and Agrippa...

Some time in the early spring of 1998, having studied astrology for about four years, I had the idea of exercising my Intuition by writing a daily horoscope and starting up this website in order to share it online.

By that time I had already been studying astrology for nearly four years, and had been reading the Collected Works of CG Jung for just a little bit longer.

It wasn't any so-called "belief" in astrology that had launched my interest, but instead, a completely new understanding of Intuition and a long-standing love of metaphor.
Also, knowing that Jung had a certain respect for astrologic metaphor, I started looking for books to explain those arcane signs and symbols so that I might learn how to interpret them for myself.

The obvious connection between the names of the planets and the gods of Greek mythology made the Western astrologic system seem deceptively simple, but because of the actual complexity involved in the intermingling of planets, signs, angles and houses, it took me two years just to get a rudimentary understanding of those metaphors.
My understanding didn't really take off until the spring of 1996, when I began reading Homer's Odyssey.
It struck me in a very powerful way how all of those same astrologic metaphors, so active in the Greek myths, and brought to vibrant life in the story of the Trojan War and its aftermath, were still active and important in our modern lives.

Birth charts may not seem as compelling or vivid as the stories of ancient heros, but that's only because they come in the compact and abstract form of mandalas inscribed with those typically arcane glyphs and notations.
Correctly read, the alchemical / astrologic symbols actually describe each person's life in heroic, yet perfectly human and achievable terms.
What I mean is that they describe the heroic potential in each of us...and with uncanny accuracy.
(They also describe the demonic potential—if we're interested in looking in that direction—but as far as I'm concerned, the daily news goes way too far in pointing out such sensational ugliness for us already.)

Writing this daily horoscope, just like reading a birth chart, is simply a matter of bringing my Intuition (and yours) to bear on the shifting tableaux of metaphors created by those eternally changing celestial constants.
Hence its accuracy.
But, you see, it's not astrology per se that's so accurate, it’s the intuition of the astrologer that makes all the difference.

In fact, I'm going on record here in saying that astrology and ALL of the other so-called occult practices: tea leaves, palm reading, Tarot, haruspicy, scrying, Akashic record reading—you name it—all simply function as training wheels for your Intuition.

Now whatever you may think of Astrology and Intuition, I know for a fact that "belief" in astrology is the way our logical mind tends to label any genuine trust in the Intuition behind occult practice.
Of course, the scientific, logical mind, as well as anyone addicted to logic, rationalism and empiricism, mistrusts all such things as cannot be measured, reproduced and, eventually, physically demonstrated.
Such people believe that astrology is mere superstition, and that astrologers and all so-called intuitives are either completely self-deluded or outright frauds bent on taking advantage of the beliefs, superstitions and utter gullibility of others.

Hey, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions...and beliefs.

The truth is, astrology and Intuition is not a matter of belief.
Instead, it's very much like the famous TV interview question John Freeman asked of Carl Jung in 1959: “And do you now believe in God?” to which Jung replied, “I know. I don't need to believe. I know.”

What Jung meant, was that his knowledge came to him the way all Truth does, and I don't mean by direct, physical observation—which is how we perceive facts.
Nor do I mean received, traditional authority, which is another way we can be informed of facts (as well as indoctrinated into beliefs).
No, Jung meant an absolute, yet ineffable, certainty that doesn't ignore fact and factual evidence, but that also transcends it—that has room for another perspective, and, most importantly, room for Paradox.

I call that certainty, Intuition.

I now have over 15 years of experience in exercising my Intuition by writing this horoscope, as well as working on the interpretation dreams and fairy tales.

I've studied extensively at
the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
and am especially interested in the role of
the visual arts, creativity, and metaphor in the healing process of individuals and society.

It is my opinion that Intuition is the very key to this healing.