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Wheel of Fortune
a dream about wheelchairs...

the dreamer...
age: 44
gender: male
birthplace: Trinidad

the dream...
I had a dream that I was in the airport with a friend.
We were watching the arrival of a flight from my country.
I saw the father and mother of another friend get off the airplane, both in wheelchairs and looking very ill.
The father was completely naked and had also had an amputation.

kristo’s dream interpretation...
This is much more of a conundrum than many other dreams.
And while it isn’t impossible to explain just why that’s just difficult...and part of the art of interpreting symbols of any sort is to learn when something important is missing.

missing pieces
Like the father in this dream...(we can’t know without asking which limb or limbs have been amputated)...this dream seems something like a 3 legged chair.
It simply doesn’t stand completely on its own.

Given enough time and attention I might be able to find the true missing piece on my own...but for now let me just speculate.

vehicles and one-armed bandits
The information we do have concerns an airport, an arrival, and a sick couple in of whom is naked and has suffered an amputation.

Wheelchairs and planes are both vehicles...and vehicles tend to represent either the body or the ego.
The occupants being ill tend to beg the comparison to that famous saying “mens sana in corpore sano” and implies that there is something about (or more likely on) the mind of the wheelchair occupants that is the cause of the obvious suffering.

Now I can’t possibly know what that is...but in many instances the idea of an airport in a dream has something more to do with the Macintosh airport...and therefore wireless internet...than it has to do with travel.

And that coupled with the idea of those nice big wheels that wheelchairs have, got me thinking about the Caribbean and casino gambling...or possibly online gambling.
Throw in the idea of a one armed well as losing an arm and/or a leg...and the gambling connection is strengthened.

So maybe our dreamer has recently gone bust in online gambling...and had a dream to remind him of the financial losses he has recently suffered...or maybe something else has happened.
In any case...witnessing the suffering of the parents of a friend implies some sort of emotional bond...and therefore some sort of empathic loss.

Interestingly, I found a singular internet reference to the possibility that gambling might actually be shut down in Trinidad.
And if that were actually true...the suffering in this dream might actually refer to the economic impact that would result from the loss of jobs for locals that tends to follow the loss of casinos.
Who knows?
Ultimately...only the dreamer.



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