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a dream about standing in water...

the dreamer...
age: 29
gender: female

the dream...
Okay, this has been really interesting and I would love to know what all this means.

I went to a seminar about a week ago on hospice care and dying and we had to face many areas in our own lives that dealt with death and loss.
I address my father who committed suicide when I was 13.
That night and the next two nights, I had dreams where I am standing in water, completely surrounded, talking to people whom I have unrolved issues.
In this dream, I am able to confront these people and do so fearlessly because I feel safe in the water.

Do you think I need to physically speak to these people (in order to resolve some of these issues in my life) or do you feel that I have already resolved some of this with these people on another level through my dreams?

Your guidance would be of value to me.

kristo’s dream interpretation...
Dreams certainly are fascinating, but they become even more interesting when we can actually begin to see (and feel) the more obvious connections they have to our waking life.
Sometimes that’s perfectly clear...and other times it seems absolutely impossible.
Very often, after getting frustrated in our attempts to make any meaningful connections, we give up...until our curiosity, and the next powerful dream experience gets the better of us.

“standing in water”
In this dream situation we have the quintessential ingredient of an overwhelmingly powerful life experience that triggered some obvious dream connections and directions.
Standing in water is a very rich metaphor for “being in your feelings”...without drowning in them.
The seminar the dreamer refers to placed her right in the middle of her own unresolved issues, as is completely appropriate for such an endeavor...and psyche chose to portray that experience through the imagery of the dream.
However, the seminar is simply the opening.
For some, such a situation might seem more like a terrifying Pandora's Box; something best left buried in the unconscious.
For others...the call to healing is overwhelmingly important enough to brave the inherent fear of extremely painful memories and their associated feelings.
The next step through that opening requires some thoughtful reflection - which the dreamer has asked me for a little bit of help with.
And while I couldn’t possibly give her infallibly correct advice, the dream makes a few very telling points on its own.
Also...because they represent a message from the dreamer’s own soul...they’re worth noting.

First...she is able to confront the people (and feelings) involved because she feels safe in the water.
A safe container for such confrontations is then the confidence provided that the outcome will NOT be dangerous is reassuring and encouraging.

Second...typos in the reporting of dreams are as integral to the dream process as sleep...and something Freud himself illuminated so brilliantly in Psychopathology of Everyday Life.
"Unrolved" issues with the people involved surely means unresolved issues -that much is certain - but not everyone is aware that the body stores memory...and that bodywork such as Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, and Rolfing can release memory in a sometimes startling (and occasionally painful), but very healing manner.

the phoenix project
Dr. Jack Miller’s Phoenix Project was originally designed to help hospice workers and all those who are dealing with unresolved grief to heal themselves at the deepest level of the soul.
He always insists that everyone involved make use of one of the bodywork healing modalities during each week of the extraordinary 12 week program.
For this dreamer - according to her dream reportage typo - it is almost a given that Rolfing would be extremely healing.

As to the question of speaking directly with the people involved...this is a delicate, personal issue that would be best determined in conjunction with a competent therapist simply because therapy (very much like the hospice seminar) is meant to be a safe, alchemical container in which to stand in the waters of one’s feelings.
And like the Phoenix Project, it’s also not meant to go on forever.

The question of whether or not dreams actually do the work of healing for us (without our active, daytime participation) is extremely important.
On a very deep level, there is no question that they help to tune us into the Tao, but in every instance, whatever or not healing has been achieved can only be measured by how much it changes our attitudes and our lives.
My sense is that dreams (and fairy tales) can actually do that...but they still tend to require some conscious action on our part.
Whether that action should be symbolic or literal is a completely individual matter and may not always be clear.
But in this case, the next step leading to bodywork / Rolfing already comes straight from the Source.



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