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Going Postal
a dream about the post office...

the dreamer...
birthyear: 1940
gender: male

the dream...
woke up 4 times thinking i was going to the post office to work, and thought i was going to be late..........i'm retired and never worked at a post office

kristo’s dream interpretation...
Not to make (too) light of anyone’s dreams
or more make fun of any particular dream or dreamer...
(although, for goodness sake...Psyche is one helluva comedian, at times...)
this dream seems to beg the question of just what it takes for any one (or all) of us to reach that critical breaking point...and finally just Go Postal!

Who knows?
And interestingly, while I think it unfair to publicly ask the’s a question that’s relevant to each and every one of us....

Not so much because we need a specific answer, in terms of the various criteria we feel might constitute some emotional line drawn in the sand, and that if crossed, would set us over the edge....

I'm not talking about that...or any sort of list, gauge, or circumstance.
Hell...we’ve all...or most of us...OKAY...I'VE...had my own experience of road rage...
and it’s really not all that interesting to talk about the details.
That’s only throwing gasoline on some very old fire...

And I'm not necessarily talking about things like the Columbine tragedy (for instance) least not in particular....

But I AM in the business of looking at the whole concept of the Jungian Shadow...which essentially means that we ALL have a dark, unexplored side...and that we are, each and every one of us, more or less vulnerable to having that dark side erupt into the kind of rage that is capable of violence.
Violence that is ALWAYS out of proportion to whatever seemingly causal event or influences that sets it off.
And sometimes of very deadly and catastrophic consequence.
Just as in the case of some well known government employees...

And as reported here by the always entertaining Cecil of “The Straight Dope”:

(a 2000)...“USPS report suggests that working conditions at the PO are, to say the least, a little tense. Compared to average U.S. workers, the report found postal workers were more likely to be verbally abused by coworkers, much more likely to believe their coworkers held grudges against them, almost twice as likely to say their coworkers had serious mental problems, and four times more likely to agree that "the use of threats or violence is an effective way to get things done in the workplace" and that "many managers and supervisors try to provoke employees to violence."

As far as I can tell...our dreamer has probably suffered some form of harassment or indignity or other seriously frustrating situation (maybe even having to do with the likes of Bernie Madoff) that has pushed him NEARLY to the point of violence.

Considering the hubris of those involved in creating this financial crisis affecting us ALL...I sure can’t say as how I blame him!



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