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a dream about a plane crash...

the dreamer...
birthyear: 1957
gender: female

the dream...
Very detailed, vivid and realistic.
Easily remembered and recalled!
I felt as though I was actually experiencing this tragedy!
The dream did not have any unusual or disjointed events or objects!
It was so real!

This occurred in the evening after dark on a beautiful summer night.

I was standing alone in the driveway by the back door of my parents old house.
(They are not living there anymore for the past seven years.)
When a dark blue commercial jet flew very low over me.

Behind the house is a field that slopes down to a grade school.

The plane flew over me and descended into the field, flying very low.
Then suddenly ascended and flew away from me only to then nose dive and crash into a church a few blocks away.

I witnessed a loud explosion with smoke and flames.
I ran frantically barefoot up the block to the scene of the crash and while I (was) running I was screaming to the neighbors “call 911.”

Emergency vehicles arrived and the media.
Fuel was leaking everywhere and it was a devasting scene with lots of frantic confusion.
I then woke up.

I am looking forward to your interpretation of this horrific dream.

Thanks so much, Debbie

kristo’s dream interpretation...
I'll simply have to admit here that plane crashes in dreams (unlike nuclear explosions) have me kinda stumped.
I mean...Jung might have made quite a bit to do about ego inflations being necessarily coupled with a subsequent psychic comeuppance (as in: “What goes up must come down.”)...but that still leaves us all a bit hanging when it comes to any seriously satisfying conclusion about plane crashes.

Of course, the vivid aspect of the dream and its powerful emotional impact on the dreamer provides a most useful clue. Because any dream capable of evoking that intensity of raw emotion can only be a re-enactment of the very same emotion that must have recently occurred to the dreamer in waking life.

Some real life experience created a genuinely serious emotional emergency for the dreamer...and without the luxury of knowing that personal information...we’re left to sift through the remaining clues...kinda like the NTSB.

What we expect to find here is not something personal (although the dreamer will probably recognize exactly what that is from this interpretation / investigation), but something more universal.
Something archetypal, in fact.

What struck me most about this dream is the fact that the plane (whatever it might symbolize) crashed into a church. And so those of you who’ve read Jung’s “Memories, Dreams, Reflections” are likely to remember his amazing childhood vision of God allowing one of His own holy turds to drop from the friendly skies and crash through the roof of some local Swiss cathedral.

So this plane crash is some sort of Act of God, then. And what the dreamer has witnessed might relate to some experience that has completely rocked her faith...whatever that faith might be (or be in).

Now her response to that experience is exactly the same one that Jung described concerning his own vision. Because initially...when he saw the cathedral in question...he knew for certain that some amazing vision was about to burst forth upon him. But he also did everyhting in his power not to let that vision happen.

He describes a refusal to even think about the cathedral, because he knew that something of awesome power might occur. Something that would really rock him. Hence the 911 call of the dreamer.

Emergency services and 911 come to the dreamer after the fact...but in general, such forces actually represent human Will Power.
A particularly unreliable force of human nature to be sure.
But once the horse is out of the's powerless in terms of prevention.
And even as an emergency service for dealing with something shocking (think NYPD & NYFD on 9/11) still represents the rather limited authoritarian power of the collective consciousness for dealing with the completely amoral power of the collective unconscious.

As’s not quite up to the task of anything more than helping us deal with the shocking aftermath...i.e. the aftermath of a devastating affront to our own beliefs.

Jung used all the force of Will Power to block the vision...but in the end decided that he needed to see for himself just what might occur. And of course once he cooperated with the impulse of informed curiosity, along came that enormous holy shit of not just a deity...but of the collective unconscious itself.

Once our beliefs have been rocked...there’s always confusion and fear... But if we actually decide to confront the collective unconscious with respect and proper understanding before the hubris of our belifs renders us so vulnerable...well maybe then we won’t need to depend on the Madoffs and Bin Ladens of the world to burst our collective and personal bubbles.


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