another ouroboros dream

the dreamer...
birthyear: 1994
gender: female

the dream...
I dreamt last night that I was near a building that had a bunch of doors on the outside, and each door had the name of a different Roman or Greek orator written above it.
So I saw one that said "Cicero" and decided to open it.
Inside the room marked "Cicero" was...a public restroom.
I thought this was strange, but what was stranger was that as I proceeded through the bathroom, it became very clear that it was some kind of science laboratory.
This was getting a little weird, so I turned to leave.
When I did, however, a crazy old man jumped out of one of the stalls.
"VALE!" he shouted.
I freaked out because really WHAT THE FUCK and tried to get past him, but he wouldn't let me leave.
He chilled out after a moment, though, and showed me around his lab.
It became clear that he wasn't going to let me leave anytime soon—and he might kill me if I tried—so when his back was turned, I crept down the staircase into the basement.
In the basement, I encountered Catullus.
He was a chill guy, though, and I explained the situation with Cicero holding me hostage on the floor above.
He assured me he would take care of it.
So Catullus and I went upstairs and I shouted, "CICERO! Id est Gaius! Valerius! Catullus!" (with that intonation and all) and they fucking beat the shit out of each other on the bathroom/laboratory floor.
I slipped out the door, and woke up not long after.
My subconscious is a mess.

kristo’s dream interpretation...
Although this dream sounds suspiciously pretentious and fictional, 19 year olds deserve a fair hearing.
So, after going through the details reported, I’d have to say that if it’s a genuine dream—which I think it is—it’s worth paying attention to.
I’d also say that the subconscious in question is probably much less of a mess than the dreamer fears.

Weird Science
I wish I could say for sure what this laboratory / bathroom / non-descript, yet neoclassically themed building represented.
It sounds more like the beginning of a joke than anything else.
Maybe I’m wrong, but doors with such pretentious names on them don’t usually show up outside of cemeteries, national parks and dirty jokes, do they?
Of course if you’re building a stage set for a high-school or undergraduate production of some play by Terrence, it might be a viable option.
In any case, I think our dreamer’s Psyche has found a very strange, if not excruciatingly erudite, substitute for Kelly LeBrock.

Of course, Cicero sounds a lot more like Gustavo Fring than Walter White, but this somewhat problematic encounter the dreamer experiences is also a catalyst for change.
She’s forced by whatever this circumstance represents to go deeper into things than she might normally prefer.
I can’t know what that circumstance is, but this laboratory is certainly a clue about it that only our dreamer can recognize.
It seems almost as compelling a motivation as Walter White’s, but not necessarily a life and death situation....
...even if it might feel that way.
Later on, the dream reveals itself to be about some serious indecision and uncertainty, so...why not Heisenberg?

Latin poetry
I remember reading a little Cicero in high school, but I don’t think we were allowed to read Catullus.
Not that I would have known; I wasn’t the best Latin student.
But Catullus is apparently famous for his eroticism as well as his profoundly poetic potty-mouth, and so we were likely denied the opportunity to learn about him on hormonal/disciplinary grounds.
Oh well.
The differences between the styles of Cicero and Catullus have apparently been seized upon by the Psyche of our dreamer in order to represent some fundamental issue going on in her life right now.
Hence, my charge of pretention.
But again, giving her the benefit of the doubt, it would be more than interesting to know what the hell that issue might actually be.
Only our dreamer knows, of course.

This fight between Cicero and Catullus is the detail that led me to trust that this is a genuine dream.
And that’s because it constitutes an extremely common, archetypal scenario involving 2 similar beings fighting each other to the death.
I’m talking about an ouroboros, here.
Not the basic dragon or snake biting it’s own tail, but the kind in which two similar, yet contrasting dragons, each hold the other’s tail in its mouth.
It’s the symbolism of the final fight scenario of Gladiator.
You see, Maximus and Commodus, hero and anti-hero, coming together in the arena and killing each other constitutes a metaphoric ouroboros, because what comes out of that fight is not nothing, i.e. (to use the latin phrase) they don’t cancel each other out.
Instead, Lucius emerges as something like the new emperor.

The Third Thing
This emergence of Lucius is classic alchemy.
The clash of opposites having produced the so-called Third Thing.
That thing which could never have been imagined or invented by design.
It’s what emerges from the basic virtue of patience in dealing with paradox, or simply, opposites.
But the real key here is that in the case of our dreamer, they likely represent some decision that needs to be made.
And that’s the usual meaning of an ouroboros showing up in a dream.
Whatever it involves, it’s a decision that feels like life or death in terms of choosing one or the other of her two options.
And only she knows what they are.
This dream is just telling her, as well as the rest of us, that patience is a virtue in this particular instance.
Her Psyche is reassuring her that it is doing the real work of figuring it all out and will inform her of the solution to her problem when it is ready...which is likely to be pretty soon.
She doesn’t need to know yet what her choice should be.
The clear and obvious choice is going to make itself known to her.
For now, don’t sweat it, and don’t rush it.
Hey, as angst inducing as it was to watch, we always knew Walter White was going to get out of the messes he made.
And this isn’t even a mess.



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