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skating couple
a dream about an ostrich...

the dreamer...
birthyear: 1968
gender: female

the dream...
I am on the second floor of a large, busy shopping mall or school.
I believe I am wearing rollerskates or otherwise gliding quickly (definitely not walking).
There's a flurry of sudden action for a second, and I stop abruptly at a potted plant that overlooks the sides of the second floor onto the ground floor.
At the plant's base lies a very large baby ostrich (that's what it looks like).
It is lying there as if sleeping when it suddenly bursts awake.
Its throat somehow splits open as if it burst stitches from a previous surgery, and its life's blood begins to pulse out from the second floor down to the lower level.
I, along with a second person who is blurred, grab the bird's throat (it was somehow my / our responsibility) to stop the bleeding, which works, but keeps blood from getting to the bird's dying brain.
I try to “feed” blood into the brain somehow, but it is not working and the struggling bird is slowing down as it is surely dying.
Right when it seems that the bird is doomed and I am about to give up and move on, I hear a loud SLAM!
When I look to see what happened, I see that somehow the top half of the bird's skull has been neatly removed, showing me its exposed brain swimming in life-giving blood.
Someone or something is manually pouring blood onto the exposed brain with a ladel.
The bird is stabilized, but in critical condition.

kristo’s dream interpretation...
A mall seems to be a fairly common setting for many modern dreams...and one that I would have to say had me a bit perplexed for quite some time....
But when you think about it...a mall is simply a modern sort of marketplace...
One that seems (for better or for worse) to have replaced the ancient agora of our ancestors...but only in appearance, and not necessarily in tackiness.
(Hey...even Jesus got pissed off at how tacky and crass some ancient Sun Glass Hut or Foot Locker salesmen probably were...just before he went a little postal and turned over their display tables...
or maybe it was just that ancient Victoria’s Secret tease table that finally got to him...)

Anyway...what we've got here is a marketplace...and I'm gonna go out not too far on a limb here and say “Meat / Meet Market Place” because I've already got a pretty good idea about what’s going on for this dreamer...but only because she’s wearing rollerskates or maybe rollerblades...
So that’s a dream clue I'm gonna share with you right now that can make it infinitely easier for you to understand any similar dream.
And trust me....
This is something you will never read in any book...except the one I'm hoping to finish before the end of this year....
because it didn’t come out of a book...
It just happens to be the result of my efforts to understand dreams...
In’s a dream image that came up repeatedly for me...but mostly in the form of Skiing...
So are you ready???

Here goes:

Dreams that have you (or anybody else) almost any sort of way, shape, or form...and that can mean skating or rollerblading or skiing, or gliding on ice or any slick (or even non-slick) surface...are all about...
Maybe you guessed it...
And not just some sorta conceptual, two-dimensional, soft-porn facsimile of sex...
not even the hardest-core porn you can find...
But the real thing.
The dreamer is having a dream about a very, very recent sexual experience...i.e something on the order of 12 to 48 hours prior to the dream.

Of can ask how I can be so sure of this...but once that clue has been sorted out...the rest of the dream easily begins to make more and more sense...
And you can easily try this out on your own dreams and see if it doesn’t illuminate the symbolism of the remaining dream details in a new york minute.
Now just to be clear about this...I struggled for years to find the meaning behind my own dreams of sliding / gliding / skating...and as I said, in my own particular case, the activity was mostly skiing.
You see...I loved to ski when I was younger, and had the time...but as professional responsibilities and geographic logistics made it more and more difficult to get away to decent slopes I would tend to wax very nostalgic about the amazing pleasures of skiing.
In fact...whenever the topic came up, I would invariably offer my personal seal of approval by saying “Skiing is better than sex!”
Of course, finally one night I had a dream that made the symbolic connection unmistakably clear...and all I could do was laugh.
Psyche was telling me what I always really meant...i.e. skiing and sex are pretty much equally pleasureable.

Now...getting back to this dreamer’s doesn’t require much of a leap to understand the symbolism behind the image of an ostrich.
Nor is it difficult to get an almost graphic image of blood pumping in and out, and getting where it physiologically belongs.
I’ll leave all of that to you.
(Although I gotta say...the idea of pubic hair as a potted plant is just hilarious...)

I can offer the medical observation that Erectile Dysfunction (or ED as the marketplace would have it) is being talked about much more openly than ever...and that treatments for it are much more successful and less invasive than in the not too distant past.
But as someone who cares very much about dreams and their impact on our daily lives...I can only wonder about the particular connection between the marketplace and sex in this dream.
Not only that...but I have a serious interest in the more intriguing connection between different floors / levels in dreams and the chakras.
And not chakras as some sort of bloodless, woo-woo, conceptual / ephemeral energy business...but chakras as in actual, real life, full-blooded, bodily sensation / gripping emotional experience.
Something with blood and guts in it...and not words on a page or the kind of anemic wishful thinking that Gurdjieff associated with (what he called) the Kundabuffer.



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