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a nightmare...

the dreamer...
age: 54
gender: female

the dream...
I had had a re-occuring dream that seemed to follow me through my life and is still a part of my life.
I have tried many aspects such as purchasing dream dictionaries and recording my dreams in a journal.

I know that this re-occuring dream is trying to tell me something, but the only thing was at the time I could not remember it. But once I started recording my dreams in my journal, the best thing happened -- I found out what the dream was!

Here is the dream in short:
" I dream every night, around the same time (2 hours after going to sleep). I wake up from a nightmare and am scared out of my wits. What is scaring me comes from my bed. There seem to be something in the bed that pushes me to sponstaneously jump out of bed in fright."

When I started writing down my dream - I was able to find out what the dream was. Why I am having this dream is another story, but it follows me and I wish I could find out so I could have a real good night sleep.

"IN MY BED IS A BLACK BLOB (as per my journal records) and it tries to consume me. My journal did not have much details expect this. One time I even jumped out of bed and grabbed my cat (who was lying on the bed with me) because I was afraid for him also."

I have to stay up for a while because I am having an adrenal rush of fear. I wait until I am calmed down and go back to bed.

I would really appreciate any feedback you may offer to me to help me to get a good night's sleep.

kristo’s dream interpretation...
Recurrent nightmares are always important because they function an awful lot like phone calls from a collection agency.
First of all...they mean business.
Second of all...they demand (and get) your attention.
And finally...they’re not unpleasant without some reason or other...usually having to do with a decision that you’ve made in the past.

Let’s take these things one by one...

They mean business
This isn’t something that’s gonna just go away on it’s own.
When it comes to Psyche...we might as well be dealing with the Laws of Physics.
At least that’s the way Jung saw it.
Psychic energy has to be balanced...and something in this dreamer’s life is off kilter.
This dream is simply a manifestation of that rather impersonal law of psychic energy.
It may be a nightmare...but “Hey, it’s only business.”

They demand your attention
Attention is pretty much the currency of Psyche.
There’s not much else we could possibly pay the universe with that actually has any value.
When you think of it...isn’t that what you get your weekly paycheck for, anyway?

Some might call it Mindfulness...but the name really doesn’t matter. And trying to ignore whatever this Black Blob represents only took the dreamer so far...but not so far that she can continue on with business as usual.
The bill just keeps showing up in the nightly mail...and scaring her out of her wits is Psyche’s way of demanding full payment...or at least some commitment to begin paying off this Psychic debt.

They’re unpleasant for a reason
Some decision the dreamer made in her past is really costing her.
Now here’s the thing.
It’s not up to any one of us to judge the dreamer’s decisions...and it certainly isn’t any of our business to know what that important decision was.
But I’d be willing to bet that it was some seriously painful secret that the dreamer decided to keep (at an extremely young age)....most likely out of a sense of self-preservation.

She says that the dream has been following her throughout her life...and if literally true, then the likelihood is that she’s paying exhorbitant interest on some old debt that isn’t rightfully hers.
And it might just be that only a trained therapist can help her to safely get cleared of whatever this is.

The image of a Black Blob is probably meant (just like the film) to be somewhat funny.
To the adult in her, that is.
(Psyche is definitely a comedian.)
And my expectation is that once the secret is revealed (to the dreamer herself), she’ll probably be able to see it with a great deal of humor...and even understand that it was the best possible decision she could make under the circumstances.
But right now...just like those crazy, toxic derivatives...nobody knows who is actually responsible for this mess she’s currently in...or even exactly what the hell it is.

All I can say for sure is that Jung would see such a symbol as a projection of some aspect of Psyche.
And the best that I can do with it is say that it’s some secret waiting for the dreamer to remember.
And then to hell with the remakes!



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