a dream about...um, grapes...

the dreamer...
birthyear: 1952
gender: male

the dream...
I travel to a city to see a woman—
she is working in a restaurant in the city—
she brings me some food it is a bowel with grapes in as part of a crumble—
the grapes are still on their stalks
she then tells me she will not fall for a Romeo type—
around me in the restaurant are a lot of old men who don’t want me to be there.

kristo’s dream interpretation...
This dream is anything but straightforward...
and as such, it represents the very sort of non-rational, and obviously personalized, conundrum that makes dream interpretation a particularly tricky enterprise for anyone.
If you’ve ever had any success in getting to the bottom of your own dreams, you’ll know that it sometimes comes about by way of a particularly quirky, yet unmistakably personal, detail that clues you into what’s actually going on.
And that’s what I think we have here.
While there may be certain universal archetypal patterns at work in this dream (as in most), I suspect that its true meaning is all in the personal details.

A city
In terms of recognizable archetypes, a city can often be a metaphor for the individuated Self, since it constitutes a kind of self-contained whole.
This, of course, is more likely to be true for the sort of walled, medieval cities of Europe—something that a western european psyche carries within itself as a psychological, ancestral meme.
And as such, it's also something the alchemists made frequent reference to: the new Jerusalem of Revelation 21.
Now, before you think I’m interested in thumping bibles, I’m really only interested in thumbing through them for the sake of these sort of references that dream metaphors call up and out of psyche. After all, that's where these biblical images come from originally, as well.

A revelation?
So, just for the sake of the metaphoric similarity, I’m quoting the relevant biblical passages here: Revelation 21: 2 & 9-12
Then I...saw the holy city, New Jerusalem...prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls filled with the seven last plagues came to me...saying, “Come, I will show you the bride, the Lamb’s wife.” 10 And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the great city, the holy Jerusalem.... Her light was like a most precious stone...,clear as crystal. 12 Also she had a great and high wall with twelve gates, and twelve angels at the gates....

Well, as far as those medieval, walled cities go, whatever remains of them is so much more modernized and fragmented that it’s hard not to see the fragmentation of our own consciousness and personal identity mirrored in them, even as we live in typically modern and convenient metropolises.
And while we’re more fragmented in terms of our responsibilities and the typical objects of our attention (multi-tasking, anyone?) we’re also more international in our communications and social connections.
In any case, whatever city this dreamer traveled to must have some characteristics that would help identify it for him and therefore provide some much-needed context for the bare facts of this dream, as it’s the context that constitutes the significant personal connotations Psyche means to emphasize.
Unfortunately, we don't have that information, and so, Jerusalem, Newark or Timbuktu, who’s to say what this city means.

A woman
This is Anima, of course.
A man’s feminine side.
And there’s enough to say about this to fill a book because, indeed, this is an archetype that not only deserves our attention, but is also something that most of us only think we understand.
We’ve already seen her alluded to in this Revelation business, but the true depths of meaning within her appearance are simply unfathomable.
It behooves us to understand more about this particular dream woman, yet again, the details are nearly all unknown.
She does, however, seem to be some sort of server in a restaurant.
As a server, Anima always has SOMETHING for us...and heaven knows we’re all in need of SOMETHING.
Only our dreamer knows what that something might be for him, however.

Doctor Freud
Slips of the tongue, or in this case, of the keyboard, can often be very telling.
I don’t know what this one is saying, but having spent a good many years in medicine, I’m afraid that this one puts me in mind of a particular obstetrical problem I’d rather not get too explicit over.
Suffice it to say that these grapes might constitute an extremely personal issue having to do with the complications of someone’s pregnancy.
Of course, I could easily be wrong about this, but that’s the way it goes with dreams.
Only the dreamer can know for sure if there is anything pregnancy-related going on in his life, and hence, in his dream.

Well, that’s certainly a step in the pregnancy process, isn’t it?
No woman wants to be played...but then again, what woman really doesn’t want Romeo.
Methinks our dreamer is unsure of his own motivations.

Cranky old men
Well, our dreamer has certainly reached the age when he’s thinking about what it means to join the ranks of those judgmental old characters who tend to sit around all day and criticize others.
This is probably the crux of the whole matter; but what Psyche is saying about it is not for me to say.
There may be a part of our dreamer that disapproves of his current dalliances.
And maybe he IS contemplating a visit to some younger love interest he’s met on the internet.
Only he knows.
I simply wish him / them well.



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