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decisions, decisions
a dream about doomsday...

the dreamer...
birthyear: 1989
gender: female

the dream...
I was with a group of people when I heard Obama announce over the news that d-day was in thirty days.
I asked the man next to me what that meant.
He said dooms day.

kristo’s dream interpretation...
We have a group of people, a president’s voice, and a fateful announcement...followed by a question and an answer.

a group of people
Being part of a group implies that this announcement concerns the dreamer in the context of some group she is part of in real life.
The news affects her as an individual, but my sense is that this group is some social matrix that concerns a very specific aspect of her life.

Knowing more about the people in the group would be the key that would explain what this is all referring to...but only the dreamer knows the details.
If she were to think about the feeling of the group, or any specific people in it that she might recognize, she might be better able to name the context in which Psyche is informing her about her future.

a president’s voice
This is a fairly straightforward bit of dream psychology.
The president represents her Animus...and when a woman’s Animus appears in a dream, he is usually teaching her something she needs to pay attention to.
I would expect that this news is going to affect some activity of the group that the dreamer belongs to.

a fateful announcement
Dreams often are mantic...i.e. they can and do predict the future.
Sometimes the literal meaning of the dream is fulfilled, and thus the dream seems prescient.
More often, however, the meaning of the dream is not at all literal, but symbolic...and the symbolism is affirmed by some future synchronistic occurrence.
In such a case, it’s more a matter of intuitive, metaphoric understanding than anything logically literal.

Of course it’s easy to pooh, pooh intuition and metaphoric thinking.
Our current society is based on the ESTJ model, and values Logic above Intuition and Feeling.
This isn’t “wrong”’s simply narrow-minded and one-sided.
Paying attention to dreams and synchronicity is one way to redress the balance.

a question and an answer
Funny, how dreaming about asking the question is a synchronistic prediction that the dreamer would be asking someone about the meaning of her dream.
I don’t imagine that I’m a part of her group...but I’m the guy she asked.

doomsday in 30 days
An interesting prediction, that.
But honestly, the dreamer is going to have to wait those 30 days to find out.
Of course, 30 days might mean a missed period...and the consequences thereof...but that’s pure speculation on my part.
The truth is, we can’t know what her Animus meant by the news...except that it involves an outcome the dreamer is not likely to prefer.
Like the Death Card in Tarot, it means a change in the status quo.
An end to one state of affairs, and the birth of a new state of affairs.
The dreamer will know what that is in 4 weeks...but it really isn’t Doom or Death.
The symbolism simply refers to Change...which is something we’re not always thrilled to have to deal with.

Change - even when it refers to something we absolutely hate or fear - means that we must come to a decision...and act on it.
In my opinion, THAT is the meaning of this dream.
But instead, we often get caught up in the medieval concept of Doom...which involved some sort of Last Judgment...when the only decisions being made were by some cranky character in a big chair.
Of course, by the criteria of the representatives of that scenario, we’re all pretty much in line for the shit end of THAT stick.

So our dreamer is going to be faced with a decision in about a month’s time.
Good for her!
It will be her decision, but she’s got plenty of time to find all the help she needs to make one that’s in her best interest.


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