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a dream about Chicago...

the dreamer...
birthyear: 1973
gender: male

the dream...
In my dream I was travelling to Logan Square to look at some apartments.
On the way there I stopped at a grocery store that was near the subway station.
Here I looked around for some vegetables and other items that I would need.
Approached the check out and found some Guanabas and M+M cookies.
The Lady at the counter suggested to me to buy some of this green cabbage, but was telling me that the cabbage was really red inside, red like a beet, and that you had to boil it longer to really let the color out.
I thought to myself, "I wonder if the cabbage gets blood menstrual red."

I bought half a cabbage, and it was red as a beet in the middle.
I then got in the subway, knowing its the red line, even though one takes the blue to Logan Square.
There were cocktails on the train.
On the platform leaving the train, there was a little dj setup where one or two stragglers were dancing, but most people went on to their destinations.
I moved on, and got off the california stop.

I meandered about knowing that I was going to a halloween party, however the streets were blockaded by the police as if there was a procession of some sort.
I would find out later that the were having a parade.
Arriving at the apt. with the party, I met some old friends that I dont recognize, though the host was a friend from 10 years back.
It was a costume party, but felt a little taken aback that I didn't have a costume.
What really took me aback was that there was someone dressed as a poodle.
He had a huge afro puff, home grown, that he had shaved off the sides, and used the cut off hair as cufflings for his wrists and ankles, and tail.
He was nude.
Surprised by it, laid back on the couch, kinda not sure how to hang in this party without a costume.
There was an affectionate Guinea pig that kept me company.
After awhile I decided to leave, where my friend suggested that I should hang out more.
I said goodbye and went out side only to see a huge Christmass parade down the boulevard.
I was then so distracted and had to go home, without an idea, as to where to live.

kristo’s dream interpretation...
so I haven’t got a clue as to what this dream really means...
but I’ve got a pretty good guess...

First...we’ve got a dream narrative that sounds an awful lot like an ordinary Chicago sorta day...
Ordinary for an acupuncture student, that is...
And since I attended and taught at an acupuncture school in Chicago for most of this decade, I’m kinda guessing that this dream comes from one of my former students...
I don’t have to be right...but I’m gonna run with this intuition anyway.

Any time I dreamt of vegetables or growing plants, it always had to do with Chinese herbs...since that is such a huge part of the acupuncture curriculum.
So...assuming that this is a student’s dream...the same probably holds true here...

All of the business concerning the guanabanas and the cabbage (and especially the reference to menstruation) is classic for any one of the many herb classes and discussions constantly taking place at school.
And of course, the Lady at the Counter is likely to be one of the teachers.

Red line / Blue line
Trains are another classic symbol for schooling in general...and symbolize the rather rigid curriculum that takes students from point A to point B.
Point B being synonymous with graduation, board exams, and a license to practice acupuncture.
Of course it’s the blue line that takes you to Logan Square...but it’s the red line that takes you to the two acupuncture schools in town.

And while California Boulevard is a stop in Logan’s also the state where the main campus of the school is located.
Plenty of students go back and forth from time to time, wisely deciding to forego those punishing Chicago winters.

Guinea pig
The various details leading up to the end of the dream tend to describe a typical scene in the school’s so-called Great Room.
This is a large room that serves a variety of purposes...but includes a couch that most students (and at least one teacher) find themselves in at some point during their day.

Hanging out on the couch you can usually observe one or two students practicing their Tai Qi (dancing), other students eating, studying, drinking medicinal Chinese formulas / concoctions, and having pleasant conversations with fellow students who by curricular design must often serve as guinea pigs to each other.
And of course...any affectionate connection between student guinea pigs in a Master’s degree program is awfully natural!

This is one of those dream details that comes more from the personal unconscious of the dreamer...and so being able to interpret the significance of it are awfully difficult.
And the fact that the dreamer remarks that he’s taken aback by it mean that it concerns a striking occurrence that happened to him in waking life.
I can’t possibly know what that is...but let’s just say that dogs in dreams represent some very insistent and incompletely tamed instincts, needs, and urges.
Maybe the dreamer witnessed a fellow student being much more blatant / naked about his instincts, needs, and urges...and it somehow struck a nerve.
Most likely a nerve that the dreamer himself has been trying to either work up or keep from being to speak.

In my experience...the police in a dream represent the dreamer’s own will power.
Something that’s called up and called upon in waking life with varying degrees of success.
The poodle guy sounds like someone who used it for his own benefit...but very often we use it as a means of achieving goals that may or may not be in our own best interests.
Here...the dreamer has it working to keep a Christmas parade in line...i.e. keeping out those who don’t belong, and keeping those who do belong, in line.

Well...enough students graduate after the Fall semester...which ends just before Christmas.
And what to do, where to go, where to live, where to work, how am I gonna pay off that student loan, etc. are all questions that drive most of the last-semester-graduates-to-be to distraction.

Point B
It’s been said recently that the next economic bubble is gonna involve graduates who can’t find jobs that pay enough to help them deal with their rather onerous student loans.
And with so many schools...including this one...being sold to corporations that are looking to cash in on the plethora of government backed student seems that this prediction is destined to come true.

It happens nearly every day that students sign over handsome loan checks to pay for their tuition, and use the dregs to supplement whatever meagre income they manage to maintain during the semester.

Fortunately for acupuncture students...this bubble business isn’t likely to happen.
Once they reach Point B, they are going to find themselves in high demand.
By the banks, of course, with their relentless monthly statements...
but also by the medical establishment and the public...which is slowly learning that acupuncture and Chinese medicine actually offers a generally positive benefits vs. harms ratio. may even provide a positive cost / benefit analysis.


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