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ouroboros, decisions
a dream about a catfight...

the dreamer...
birthyear: 1964
gender: female

the dream...
Hello Kristo
Let me just say I don’t remember a lot about the beginning of the dream. I wake up a lot during the night but I always fall back to sleep and have tons of dreams; I don’t remember many but, ok, here goes:
there is a a chaotic theme, things were a mess in some kind of little village maybe; there was chaos...people doin’ bad things to each other and just a general unruly climate.
I was there, i think with my daughter, who is handicapped, and I was so concerned about keeping her safe that i think we were leaving or trying to leave the situation.
On our way across a street, all of a sudden I saw two cats - they had been tied together front to back with wire.
Somehow they were still running down the street wired together hind legs thumping the heads.
I freaked out and ran up and stopped them and some other little kids ran up too and watched.
I unwrapped the wire and untied them.
They didnt seem very very hurt but their faces were scratched up from being wired together like that.
One took off running, and i woke up.
I had lots of dreams last night but this is disturbing me big time.
I can’t forget about it.
Thanks for listening,

kristo’s dream interpretation...
Well, whether dreaming a lot or just a little, it’s great that you wrote this dream down. And as disturbing as dreams can get, it’s my opinion that their underlying meanings are meant to calm you and provide instruction in how to deal with disturbing issues in your waking life.
In fact, if there is anything disturbing in a dream, in all likelihood, that dream is pointing towards a solution to the source of the disturbance in real life. And what that source is, of course, is something only the dreamer can know for sure.
The only thing we can know about the dreamer right now is that she was born in 1964 and has a handicapped daughter. And the concern for her daughter’s safety in the dream may or may not be the waking life issue.

“a chaotic theme”
The dreamer speaks of “a mess”, “chaos”, and “an unruly climate.”
Whatever this is, the emphasis seems to be on a situation that is the opposite of Order.
This is pretty much the way everyone’s life tends to look at some point or other every single day.
What I mean is that we’re constantly called upon to deal with the psychological equivalent of the laws of thermodynamics and, it seems, entropy and the 2nd law of thermodynamics in particular.

opus contra naturam
Jung spoke of Alchemy as being the opus contra naturam - the work against nature - which could be so defined as psychic energy expended in order to counter psychic entropy. In other words, the effort required to bring things that are unconscious into the light of consciousness, or the effort required to keep things which we are barely conscious of into full consciousness.
Call it an effort to become more aware...or simply to pay attention to things which may or may not seem so important, but which actually make us more alive.
It’s what we do by writing down our dreams, in fact.
It’s also what we do when we make a conscious effort to divert our attention from the usual and customary attention sinkholes or magnets, like television or any favorite e-popcorn, and focus on something of genuine importance, i.e. something which expresses our own creativity.

“doin’ bad things to each other”
I really don’t know what that means in the context of this dream. The word, “bad” is an adjective that leaves much too much room for speculation.
What’s “bad” is simply relative, and so it would be very helpful for the dreamer to be more specific in describing these activities, whatever they are.
What we CAN know about these “bad” doings is that they are apparently consistent with the work of nature, and so apparently correspond to the entropy of having things slide back down into the unconscious of her Psyche.’s also possible that the energy being expended in these activities actually corresponds to some real soul work, and is being used by her Psyche to raise her consciousness.
Remember that Alchemy and alchemists were considered worse than bad by the catholic church, as well as anyone locked into an ESTJ perspective.

Of course, as I’ve said elsewhere it’s easy to pooh, pooh intuition and metaphoric thinking, and by corollary, Alchemy.
Our current society is based on the ESTJ model, and values Logic above Intuition and Feeling.
This isn’t “wrong” or “bad”...but it IS narrow-minded and one-sided.
Paying attention to dreams and synchronicity is one way to redress that one-sided balance.

“trying to leave the situation”
Our dreamer cites a natural, normal, intelligent, and responsible reason for trying to leave this scene of chaos...and presumably is disturbed because she feels the dream’s meaning may indicate that her daughter is in some danger in real life.
I don’t know, since I don’t know the dreamer’s circumstances, but my best guess is that this isn’t the case.
For now, let’s put that question aside and move deeper into the dream. Maybe there will be some clue that can tell us for sure one way or the other.

two cats tied together front to back
This is clearly an image of the Ouroboros...which, not surprisingly, is symbolic of the work of Alchemy.
Some alchemists (including myself) consider it the one symbol par excellence in which the entire secret of alchemy is hidden in plain sight.

The ouroboros is often depicted as a single snake biting its tail, but just as often, it is seen as two similar animals biting each other head to tail.
In fact, it is usually some sort of mammal in dreams...and here we have cats...and in alchemical texts it is often a winged dragon paired with an un-winged dragon.
What the pair represents is the conflict of opposites.
Two opposing forces within our Psyche whose conflict generates the actual energy of life.
Whatever these cats represent in our dreamer’s psyche, we can be sure that they will manifest in her consciousness very soon, or had already done so within the 48 hours preceding her dream.

It has been my recent personal experience to realize that a ouroboros which manifested in a dream actually represented a choice I was faced with and a decision I had to make concerning this choice.
I can’t know if this was the situation for the dreamer, but her act of releasing the cats from their predicament tells me that she decided not to decide.
It’s no surprise that they were essentially unhurt by their situation, but it would be interesting to know exactly what that situation represented in the dreamer’s life...and who exactly was responsible for it.
The possibilities are just too numerous to speculate over, although this question of her daughter’s safety leads me to wonder if this may or may not have had some sort of custody issue as its origin.
Given these dream developments, I would expect her daughter to eventually emerge as unscathed from the situation as the cats.


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