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Adam and Eve
a dream about breast feeding...

the dreamer...
birthyear: 1971
gender: female

the dream...
I had a baby (10 days ago).

I had a dream two nights ago that this baby was starving--skin and bones, about 1 pound or something.

I had my mother and some extended family (who we are now out of touch with) and some old family friends there.
No one could help me...nor were they interested enough to try.
Some wanted to socialize, but when I got frustrated--saying, please I need help my baby is dying--they said, well you seem short-tempered, I'd rather not hang out with you right now, you're no fun.
They all seemed frivolous and unkind, with bright orange dyed hair and whatnot.

My husband was not there.

I felt very depressed when I woke.

I have had trouble with attempts to breastfeed my baby and might have to give it up as he does not extract milk very well at this time.
I may need to give up this attempt in the next week or so however, as I feel my trying to force him is constituting some violation of his spirit at this time.

I think there is something other than a direct meaning to you see a symbolic interp as well?


kristo’s dream interpretation...
I always look for the symbolic interpretation of dreams...
and there’s never any obligation for the dreamer (or the rest of us) to take my interpretations seriously...
but I DO take metaphor and symbolism seriously...
and that’s certainly something that dreams give us...
whether we choose to see them that way or not.

First of all...we’ve got a new family...
Mom, Dad, and Baby.
Except that this dream chooses very specifically to eliminate Dad.
And instead of Dad, we have assorted members of what we might call Old Family, in the guise of “mother” (Baby’s maternal grandmother), “extended family” (presumably Mom’s), and even “old family friends” (presumably from Mom’s family).
So the dream pointedly speaks to Mom’s family of origin...and not her very own New Family.

Orange Hair
Jung was very clear about the general symbolism of hair in dreams...
but he was even clearer about the symbolism of another cultural archetype viz. Adam, our biblical forefather.
Very simply, the name “Adam” refers to earth and man...but it also refers to the color red.
Jung would often combine those concepts and say that Adam means “red earth.”

Now in my own dreams I was often puzzled by the appearance of a childhood schoolmate who was quite blonde, and whose family had come to nyc from Kentucky.
What was most puzzling was that in my dreams he would have obviously red hair.
I honestly don’t remember when I made the connection between his red hair and the red earth of Kentucky...but I simultaneously realized that he represented Adam...or Primal Man.
Essentially an archetypal representation of my own deepest / primal roots.

And so that’s what I think this dream is emphasizing by having the dreamer’s maternal relatives all wear this red / orange hair.

Frivolous and Unkind
Now...having established that the dream refers to Mom’s family of origin....
her roots...
we find that these foremothers (so-to-speak) are (under the somewhat dire circumstances) acting awfully weird.

And this is where the crux of the dream seems to lie.
This emphasis on the family’s unpleasant, and unhelpful attitude is so peculiar, it’s as if they were acting in a bizarre play.
An odd fiction that seems more like the Twilight Zone than even something as dysfunctional as All In The Family.
But why???

And so it’s my guess that the reason (when uncovered) could explain this real-life breastfeeding difficulty.

Discovery it’s at this point that I have to confess my ignorance.
I don’t know why Mom is having difficulty with breastfeeding.
And the only way to suss out the real-life, Freudian / Family issue(s) involved might require the services of a professional counselor.

You can actually read for yourself how one breastfeeding guru faced with a similar problem had to make use of baby formula.
But if you must know...I would tend to agree with Epigenetic theory.
A possible mechanism that posits some unconsciously inherited, painful wound as the basis for Mom and Baby’s problem.

What we have then, is Mom (unconsciously) protecting her Baby by refusing to force feed some ancient psychological problem that has been (again, unconsciously) passed down from generation to generation.
With Baby (naturally, unconsciously...if not heroically) refusing this unpleasant thing that gets passed on through the mothers’ milk of generations of women...all awaiting redemption.

We can’t know any of this for a fact, of course...but it would seem that Mom’s dream and Baby’s behavior may simply be the key combination to healing some wound that was never talked about.
Some terrible hurt that was never resolved or forgiven, and so was lost to conscious memory.
But unfortunately, not lost to the Family Psyche.
In has been my experience to see this astrologically represented in the lives of people with multiple 4th House planets.

Faust, Part II
Jung was pretty adamant that Part II of Faust represented some important symbolic message for the modern, Western psyche.
He often mentioned the importance of Faust’s Realm of the Mothers...but again, I have to confess ignorance.
I haven’t (yet) read Part II for myself...although I would imagine that this dream is connected to whatever message Goethe was trying to express.

My best wishes to the dreamer...


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