This is a quality book of alchemical images taken from a variety of medieval sources as well as a fair number from Blake’s illuminated manuscripts

Helpful information on how to begin your own alchemical work

“Liber Novus”

The amazing mystical vision of Aquinas


1. A medieval chemical philosophy having as its asserted
aims the transmutation of base metals into gold,
the discovery of the panacea,
and the preparation of the elixir of longevity.

2. A seemingly magical power or process of transmuting


1. The art or act of foretelling future events or revealing
occult knowledge by means of augury or an alleged
supernatural agency.

2. An inspired guess or presentiment.

3. Something that has been divined.

Aurum nostri non est aurum vulgi

while gold is considered a panacea by most of us...
at least occasionally (like maybe NOW),
and despite what the Beatles might have sung
about money and love
not all alchemists were in hot pursuit of “money for nothin’...”

the gold they sought was a metaphor for psychological transformation...
which in everyday language means pretty much taking your suffering and figuring out how to exchange it for joy.

Alchemical gold

medieval alchemists followed all sorts of bizarre and irrational recipes, and performed amazingly complex and lengthy experiments in the hopes of turning what nobody wanted into something everybody loves...

those who succeeded in finding this Philosopher’s Stone were able to apply it to anything and everything, and found that it a charm.

the Recipe

the not-so-secret, most successful recipe calls for seeing something essential that we’ve never seen before...
something hidden in plain view...
and allowing that vision to eliminate our suffering.

using that recipe, Alchemy becomes the work of paying attention to what is seriously important to us as individuals.

“But I already do that...” you say? the point of obsession, even?

well, there’s a catch here...and it’s this catch that separates alchemy from complete tomfoolery.

the Catch

the alchemical catch is that what we normally find to be so seriously important may be completely off the mark.

what we THINK is most important and useful to our lives may actually be harmful.

what seems reasonable, normal, and healthy may be
completely problematic and destructive...

what looks trivial, annoying, useless, or absurd may actually be the precise (and often missing) ingredient we need to eliminate our suffering.

what we want and actively pursue may be masking a deeper desire that is the secret cause of our suffering.

and it’s this alchemical catch which requires that we look at everything from a completely fresh and creative perspective.

And if you’ve read this are someone who already knows that a fresh perspective doesn’t come easily...
and always seems to require a helluva lotta work!

the Work

according to C.G. Jung, the work of Individuation...
the alchemical transformation of the individual...
and the key to that secret alchemical catch...
requires three essential ingredients:
Insight, Endurance, and Action.
and while none of these ingredients can be obtained in an internet instant, the alchemical process began
the moment you started reading this page.

kristo’s alchemy

kristo will perform an alchemical divination to help you
uncover the unique key you need to effectively deal with
and transform the secret cause of your suffering.

of course kristo’s work can only give you
a homeopathic dose of Insight...
the rest is completely up to you...
but given this powerful ingredient...
Alchemical catalyst to your own, personal process...
your ability to eliminate unnecessary suffering
becomes much less difficult.

Now what it WILL NOT DO is to tell you something
that isn’t already right there in front of you!
only a charlatan or a quack would claim to know things about you that you don’t know!!!
and before you think that this work is then trivial or insignificant...
what it WILL DO is to give you the intuitive / synchronistic reassurance of something extraordinary...
an alchemical AHA! moment...
the confirmation of something you already know in the depth of your heart...
but have overlooked or ignored...
or simply not given yourself the permission to trust and embrace
as your very own (perhaps not-so-secret) truth.

to have kristo begin his work of adding the proper dose of Alchemical Insight to the transformative process that you are already engaged in,
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