a lot of stress

the question
I am a 2nd year mechanical engineering student.
Will i become a successful engineer??
Will i get a good job??
Here i have a lot of stress.
Pls help.

kristo’s answer
Well, with 2 planets in the 7th House of Libra, I can’t help but imagine that you’ll be damned good at whatever you choose to do...
Whenever I see planets in the 7th House, it’s very often the chart of a working artist...or lawyer.
I also can’t help seeing that whatever you choose may be more determined by that 8th House Sun / Moon in Aries combination. guess is that you’d prefer to be studying Law...but are under an awfully heavy parental pressure to study Mechanical Engineering.
Those 2 planets in your 6th House of Virgo (Mars and Saturn) mean that you’re an absolute powerhouse workaholic.
You’re essentially like some super-strong beast of burden.
No matter how much work gets piled on your back, or how much responsibility is heaped on your shoulders, you’re the guy who won’t give up...or let anybody down.

Much of the stress you’re experiencing now is coming from that 4th House Dragon’s Head.
At 4 degrees of Capricorn, it’s involved in a direct Conjunction with transiting Pluto.
The bad news is that the influence will last until October 11th of 2012.
The good news is that while this has been going on since March 18th 2009, the influence already peaked last year on November 26th 2010, and will just continue to wane.
So the worst is over...and there's nothing remotely similar on the horizon until March 2015.
By then, your circumstances will have changed, and you’ll be much more seasoned and well as better prepared.

Funny thing about a 4th House influence.
People with natal 4th House planets (or even just the Dragon’s Head - as in this case) have what I like to call Family of Origin issues.
Call it karmic guilt, if you like, but I see it as an issue that some ancestor didn’t properly deal with...and left for an unsuspecting and innocent offspring of an offspring of an offspring (like yourself) to take care of.
Whatever this is may feel like some personal burden of guilt...but it’s clearly not.
Of course the fact that it feels that way the way it does is how we’re motivated to clean up the nasty mess left by our esteemed and revered ancestors.
Leave it to some Confucian, 6th-House-influenced person like our querent to do the job.

With so much Scorpio influence in this chart, I guess I’d have to point out how you’re probably much more aware of what your own future looks like than I am.
In any case, be careful what you wish for...because you’re going to be awfully tempted to sell yourself short.

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