The Comet Elenin

the question
You did a reading for me a few years back directing me to my art.
I was confused.
I found the art, and I am now on a path to being a writer.

Another libra astrologer, Daniel Dowd, recently wrote about the comet Elenin.
Any intuition on that yet?
Your presence makes my life richer.

kristo’s answer
Flattery, of course, will get you everywhere...
Seriously, though...I’m delighted that you’ve found your art...and your voice.

I took a look at Daniel’s information and enjoyed his biblical reference, but I think I found Ian Musgrave’s astronomic FAQ’s much more in tune with my intuition on the subject.

An astronomic event such as this comet is a genuine signal from the collective unconscious...but then so is every single star in the heavens, visible and invisible.
The fact that it will come so close to the Earth at some point means that whatever this represents will come a little closer to our collective consciousness.
But what this actually symbolizes, i.e. what we are going to become conscious / aware of, is anybody’s guess.
We just happen to be getting lots of guesses...and since there seems to be an awful lot of negativity in the popular imagination...that negativity and fear seems to be influencing whatever guesses we tend to hear about.
And don’t forget, each guess is a projection originating in the guesser’s personal unconscious.
The more cluttered with unconscious projections that personal unconscious is, the less accurate the guess.

My intuition says that this is going to be neither significant, nor negative.
Something on a par with the introduction of New Coke.

The way Intuition works, we can only be certain in retrospect, so it would be an exercise in practical intuition to make your own intuitive prediction, and then see afterwards just how accurate you were.
This is the same reason I post Yesterday’s Horoscope every day.

Just to reiterate...when it comes to the collective unconscious, there’s an awful lot of fish in the sea.
This comet could represent an orca, but it’s more likely to be a minnow.
Whatever it is, it might even be something of an alchemical goldfish reminding those who care the value of paying more attention to their own personal unconscious.

Thanks so very much for asking!



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