heart ache

the question
i am a 15 year old female-scorpio (november 2)

my question is probably difficult to answer but......i feel that i am really in love with this guy.
we have been together on and off, but i haven't talked to him in months, but still i think about him question is simply is he in love with me?
does he still think about me? etc.
just anything you can find out i'd really love to find some answers.
i know you must recieve tons of questions very similar to this, but i would really appreciate it if you would take the time to answer mine!
*i don't know if it helps, but he is 18 and a libra (september 22)

thanks so much...i'm trusting you with my heart!!!

kristo’s answer
Dear scorpio...
Right now, you’re trusting HIM with your heart...not me.
Chances are he doesn't feel quite the same way about you as you feel about him.
That's not necessarily a bad thing, because Libras really do have a reservoir of affection that is eternally replenished by their ruler, Venus. (i.e. he really, really likes you).
But it also means that Libras tend to enjoy offering that particular refreshment to as many “deserving” souls (usually...although certainly not always) of the opposite sex as possible.
Also, remember that their Shadow side is ambiguity and indecision.

Scorpios have one terrifyingly passionate flaw.
They really do believe at a gut level that others either do, or should, (for better or for worse) feel exactly what they feel.
Don't worry...the fact that he’s not in love with you is an important lesson. (Easy for me to say, of course.)
What I mean is that, you really must learn to trust that Scorpio Intuition of yours. You’ll know right away when someone doesn’t feel the way you do...and you can either give it some time...and learn exactly how he feels...or move on to the next boy.
It takes real courage to find out how someone really feels. Usually you have to risk asking and hearing something you'd rather not. There are wonderful surprises involved, though. It’s easy enough for me to tell you to risk more...i.e. risk asking someone else for their real feelings...but that doesn’t make it any easier to do.
Actually, the hard part isn’t in the’s in the capacity to listen and hear without judging or reacting in anger to those things you may not like hearing.
Of course, you can also be more honest about sharing your own real feelings...but I don’t think that’s such a problem for you, or Scorpios in general.

I'm a Libra who’s had some powerful and unforgettable Scorpio relationships. I just wish I knew this information for myself back then....


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