Pars Fortuna

the question
I’ve spent many, many hours reading aspect interpretations in an attempt to learn to interpret my chart and those of my friends and family.
Often, I don’t agree with the logic of them at all; but, at this point, I don’t feel confident about making my own.

With my Pars Fortuna in a very tight orb opposition to my Venus & my Venus in tight orb conjunction to my MC, I sense that this has some significance.
I guess I would like your help interpreting its significance.

Is good fortune at cross purposes with my destiny?
Are beauty, harmony, peace a challenge to my good fortune?
. . . not very encouraging!

There are so many things to look at in a chart that it is so confusing trying to determine what is significant.
Being a Libra, I can look at things almost endlessly, trading off the significance or righteousness of one thing or another until I drive myself mad.
I suppose I need some Arian energy to give me some kind of direction because I have a tendency to get stalled and seem to need some one to point me in a direction and give me a push.

Why don’t you just give me a little push ... somewhere ... anywhere!

kristo’s answer
When it comes to the interpretation of your own (or my own) chart, good luck. It’s about as easy as interpreting your own dreams, or seeing the back of your head in a mirror.

What strikes me about this chart is that it is very much the chart of an extraverted personality. A 9th House Libra Sun and Venus at the MC would make anyone not only the perfect host, but would create a kind of Botticelli serving up that luscious Venus on the half shell at every party. No one would ever refuse an invitation. Beauty, harmony and peace come in lots of assorted packages, and a 2nd House Aquarian Moon would guarantee that they would not be of the usual, customary and boring variety.

Now...the question of this Pars Fortuna in Aries at the cusp of the 4th House. Well, it certainly means that Great Good Fortune requires some action on your part.... The clue to my take on this comes from the requirements for Individuation that Jung speaks of in his book on Psychological Types. Simply put, the Extravert needs to take time for the severe kind of introspection that amounts to Introversion. Let’s face it, with all of the wonderful partying indicated in this chart...wholeness (and good fortune) is served by some genuine balance. The Introvert MUST learn to exercise that much feared extraverted attitude or end up like a kind of dried up, frightened or angry recluse. The Extravert MUST learn to take some time out to look into his own soul. If he never learns to live with himself, to be able to stand himself in even a few moments of genuine solitude, what makes him think anyone else can really stand him? You can make or break your good fortune on that kind of advice because it really doesn’t come from me, it comes from a genuine healer who was able to articulate what he observed of human beings searching for their souls. Rhetoric aside...take a close and honest look at yourself. You’ll find some genuinely healing insights regardless of your current, conscious orientation.

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