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the question
I was born June 15, 1964 at 1:21 a.m. in Montreal, and I have therefore in my chart saturn in the 12th house in pisces opposite moon and pluto and uranus in the 6th house virgo.

Books have always told me this saturn is woeful, and my intuition leaves me blank.

What do you think, if anything, these influences indicate?
I’ve asked other astrologers but i’ve never been answered.

I’m really hoping you’ll give me your take.

kristo’s answer
Saturn was always woeful in the days when Hermeticism reached Western Europe (15th century) because people rarely lived long enough to see their first Saturn return (around age 29).
To be cursed with a Piscean Saturn only meant that the forces of nature were likely to present you with physical challenges on the level of lead poisoning in your crib.
Today’s view of Saturn has to take modern civilization, sanitation, technology and medical advances into account.

Two things are very important to keep in mind.
FIRST: Your potent, Virgoan, 6th House indicates a life of Service of some sort to the Community, but.... you must remember that the Virgin’s first duty is to HERSELF. To be truly herself, any vows she makes to Serve must be grounded in the fact that NO ONE owns her (body or soul). She should refuse to give anything until she is absolutely clear about that fact. Otherwise she’s just giving away the store until she becomes a bloodless ghost, sucked dry due to her own carelessness. Unless she is connected to the source of her own Being her well is going to run dry sooner rather than later.

SECOND: Saturn being almost exactly Opposed to those Planets by 180° indicates the Source of that Self Wisdom. This Saturn will constantly teach you about the depths of your Being and will likely test you on that connection. Your 8th House Scorpio Neptune will guarantee that you will be immersed in the depths over and over again. But it will be this Piscean Saturn that shows you the disciplined way to learn from those depths, rather than just take them as sorrowful, woeful or worse...entertaining. Okay, it’s not a more pleasant Jupiter in Pisces...but with that kind of situation your service would have to do with playing Santa Claus and would require a different source of energy than what you’ve been given by fate. You just can’t give it away until you’ve earned the strength and authority to do that. A lot of people feel that they want to help everyone else before themselves. A lot of people like the idea of playing doctor. If anything, this Saturn will insist that you learn to help yourself FIRST, or you will be of little use to anyone. This will be like a compassionate and loving, but stern, Zen Master whose task is to teach you to first have Compassion for yourself before you can fulfill the potent destiny that awaits you in that important 6th House. Medical doctors go through a grueling internship and residency. You’ve surely seen E.R. or some such thing like House. This Saturn represents your residency. It’s not easy living up to your fate...but then again, it’s worse refusing it.

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