the question
I’d like to just ask you a question about love in my life.
I'm sure this is the most popular subject, but it’s an importantone to me.

I’m a Cancer woman (born 7/5/69 at 7:53am) and I feel fulfilled in my life in all areas, except for romantic love.
I feel that I am ready to give and to receive it, but have had no luck in finding the right situation.
I have deep feelings for a Libra man (10/2/68), but he is involved with someone long distance.

What path am I clearing myself to take?
Thank you!

kristo’s answer
Dear Moonchild...
I wrote my answer to your question quite a few years back, but I’m addressing a question to you, that relates to your natal Sagittarian Mars.

You experienced one of the most unpleasant sorts of Pluto Transits between 1995 and 1998.
This happened before I answered your question, but it might shed some light on your situation...even if only in hindsight.
You can also read more of what I have to say about Pluto Transits here on my blog.
For now, just let me give you some significant dates:
The influence began on 12-12-94, intensified on 12-26-95, 5-22-96, and 10-23-96.
It officially ended on 11-9-97. to the Real question...Eros.

You’ve really answered your own question, you know. You’re clearing a path. To what, you might ask?
To really liking yourself.

In Jungian means possessing your own Animus rather than being posessed by a projection of one.

Partners are the mirror of the Soul.
Unfortunately...once we’ve got one, we rarely spend any time looking at what’s reflected of ourselves.
We see only the Other Person...him or her.
What your Psyche is doing is forcing you to look at yourself.
If we seem to be ignoring the chance to see ourselves when we’re coupled...we usually find ourselves alone.
Not as some kind of punishment...but as an opportunity.

Psyche wants you to really like yourself whether you're in a relationship or not.
Trust that information.
Relationships, like almost everything else that’s important, are meant for you learn about and learn to love...yourself.
Nobody finds real fulfillment without satisfying that basic criterion.
Because of that, we’re really all on the same quest.

By the way...your current Animus is metaphorically involved with your Shadow. That’s the part of ourselves we must get to know first.
There’s usually some difficult, annoying and awkward material there...but there’s also real gold, as well.


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