age: 46
gender: female

I am divorcing.
I have been compelled to do it.
Everything in my spirit is moving this thing along-
no room for second thought.
I have never had another relationship outside of this one.

Recently, I met an intriguing man and spent the night with him.
I want to spend more nights with him.

Am I going crazy?
I feel this is something to go deeper into, though the beginning seems so shallow and out of character for me.
What is lurking behind this?

kristo answers...

Well...crazy is quite a word.
One that’s worth looking up (or deeper into).
Oh...not so much for what it can do for your knowledge of the English language...but since the querent happens to be a Gemini, I’m sure she enjoys a good browse through the dictionary now and then.

So...to answer the second question, there’s absolutely nothing lurking behind this.
It’s simply a matter of transiting Neptune Conjuncting her natal Moon.

Since Neptune’s orbit is roughly 165 years...and the current average life span on the planet is 67...for better or for worse, fewer than half of us ever get to experience such a transit.

In any case...it tends to beg the particular first question that the querent has put out there (concerning the rather Neptunian c- word)...but it certainly doesn’t explain the divorce business...which probably has much more to do with the alignment of planets when she was just a star-crossed newlywed.

For now, there are only three issues to keep in mind.
One is that this transit is definitively over.
(It lasted from April 20, 2004 through January 3, 2007.)
Two is that she is most definitely attracted to older men.
(The less Neptunian the better.)
And third is that she is a workaholic.

Just keep your business separate from your pleasure...make good use of Neptune’s rather wild influence...and well, enjoy your nights.

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