going crazy...

age: 46
gender: female

i am wondering if continuing with my current therapist...is in my higher good.

kristo answers...

Sometimes continuing with a particular therapist is a definite step backwards...
Sometimes it’s just a matter of breaking through whatever resistance the client has.
And the only way to know for certain is retrospectively.

Having to ask the question in the first place is already an indication that all is not well...but with whom?
Client or therapist?

What we have here is the classic fairytale dilemma.
In some fairytales the heroine must work extensively for the witch...
In others, she must run away as soon as possible.

So...which one are we dealing with here?

As I said...
Only time will tell...
But in the meantime, our heroine must pay attention to her dreams!
Maybe she must pray...
But she must seriously go back to her favorite fairytale for advice.
It may be more specific (and accurately helpful) than she realizes.

My own intuition gives me some certain indication of the importance of the Ides of March.
Not as in “Beware!”
But rather as indicative of a turning point.

Good luck, Vasilisa...

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