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Intuitive Work
is a delicate art requiring more than just empathy, care, and attention.
Above all it requires the time (and patience) to cultivate an attitude of attention, receptiveness and reverence towards the gifts of Psyche.

This page
is a gift to you of my Intuitive / Psychic Work.
Here, I offer the possibility of an intuitive look at your personal questions and concerns in a public forum.
This allows you to have conscious answers for issues related to your Personal Unconscious...and allows me to shed some light on the Collective Unconscious and its symbols for the rest of us.

Contrary to what you might imagine
Psychic Work is a much less personal process than Astrology or Dream Work because it demands inquiry into the Collective Unconscious.
And because of this it is not without its dangers.

Chief among these dangers
is so-called ego inflation.
This means that the psychic / intuitive imagines that there is something special about him or herself because of the accuracy of the reading.
But since that pertains mostly to the psychic / intuitive doing the reading...that should be the least of your problems

You may not like what you hear...
it is imperative that you (both querent and reader) take whatever you read here with a grain of salt.
None of this is meant to influence you in any way...
to imply advice of any sort...
or to substitute for your own best judgment concerning your personal situation.

As with my other pages, I hope that you find the material here stimulating to your own psychic process (and progress)...whether you submit a question or not.

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I reserve the right
to choose which free requests are answered, and how often these pages are updated.
Anything you wish to send in a free request may be revealed in these pages with the exception of your name and e-mail address.

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