The Phoenix Project is an orchestrated rite of passage which facilitates both emotional and spiritual growth.
This journey has its origins in ancient tribal rites of initiation.
To facilitate their natural healing processes, the participants engage in dream work, creative expression and volunteer work.
They are enabled to heal their unresolved grief and are supported as they make necessary changes.

In order to participate in The Phoenix Project, one must first attend Dr. Jack Miller’s one-day seminar: “Healing Our Losses.”

During the day, the participants share their losses, experience a particular form of meditation, learn some things about creative visualization and dream interpretation, view a film of Dr. Miller’s work, and are invited to consider participating in The Phoenix Project

Those who choose to participate will sign a contract committing themselves to the following conditions:

Having submitted their contracts, the participants then meet with Dr. Miller who individualizes the program according to each person's needs.
Soon after that, their journey commences and their real “soul work” begins.

This intensive, twelve-week journey culminates in a public celebration marking the transformation in the lives of the participants and honoring their elderly, home-bound, sick, and dying friends.

The Phoenix Project is the “brainchild” of psychologist, Jack Miller a former Catholic priest, who founded The Center for Education on Death and Dying, Inc. and Cook County Hospital’s Palliative Care Program.
Dr. Miller also helped establish Chicago House, the Midwest’s first residence program for people with AIDS.
Jack Miller is the author of Healing Our Losses (Resource Publications).

Dr. Miller can be contacted at:

Dr. Jack Miller

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