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Stieg Larsson
August 14th, 1954

kristo’s lunarscope

for Stieg Larsson

the planets
The 8th House Aquarian Moon begins the day as Void of Course and enters Pisces in the 7th House at 3:17 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This transition from Aquarius to Pisces indicates a touch of Aquarian sensibility that is otherwise lacking in his chart (depending on his time of birth, of course).
It’s very interesting, considering that his heroine is such a strong Aquarian character.
Not only is she an unconventional rebel, but she’s a completely Aquarian techie.
And these days, computer hacking must be the quintessential Aquarian enterprise.

Beginning in the secretive 8th House and unfolding in the artistic and creative 7th House, this could certainly make the case for there being validity in finding aspects of an author’s own character couched in his / her fiction.

the planets
The 7th House Piscean Moon BiQuintiles 3rd House Libra Venus (in her Quintile to 11th House Cancer Uranus) at 4:21 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This is an amazingly positive configuration, and very much consistent with the concept of literary artistry.
He may not have been Dostoyevsky, but this Venus is so well placed for literature in the 3rd House of Story-telling.
Of course, even if his books are more literary popcorn than masterpiece, they are so compelling that nothing else really matters.

the planets
6th House Moon BiQuintiles 11th House Uranus (in his Quincunx to 4th House Mars and Opposition to 5th House Chiron) at 5:12 AM

kristo’s intuition
It’s interesting that the 3rd House Venus, which continues to figure in this astrologic moment, has shifted into the 2nd House.
It’s as if some primal itch is being scratched by his work....and conversely, working satisfied this itch within him.
There’s no question that he would be seriously intuitive by virtue of a Piscean Moon, and would have an uncanny sense about what constitutes the most compelling details in his plots.
Another aspect of this moment surrounding his birth is that his villains would be involved in torture.
Again...a metaphor for scratching the deepest of itches...i.e. one that can’t be touched through anything less than pure evil.
But getting back to our Aquarian heroine, here she is well portrayed in this Uranus.
Of course, with all his Leo, body art must have been somehow stamped in his own soul.

Having gone completely through this reading once, I’d have to say that what this 6th House Moon also says is that the work he was doing was actually soul work.
Perhaps you’ll see what I mean as we go along...but the guy was in tune with things we rarely ever want to deal with or admit to.
In his own uncanny way he was actually trying to bring the light of artistic consciousness to things in the Collective Unconscious that are otherwise repressed and then acted out in reality.
It’s as if to say that without the work of artists like Stieg Larsson, we end up with the kind of insanity that that gets acted out by an Anders Breivik, for one.

He was in effect, doing today what the Catholic Church was able to do in more medieval times, i.e. care for the souls of men by properly dealing with the darkness of the Collective Unconscious for them.

the planets
11th House Leo Sol (in his Coniunctio to Pluto, Sextile to 2nd House Neptune, and Quincunx to 4th House Chiron) exactly Quintiles 2nd House Scorpio Saturn at 7:28 AM.

kristo’s intuition
Amazing how Aquarius keeps showing up in this chart where I first saw none.
And here is that outrageous persona of Lisbeth Salander.
As much of an alter-ego / alter-persona of Stieg Larsson as could be.
This extraverted Sun Stellium means he could only barely keep himself under wraps...and felt that he had secrets that needed to be told.
Old secrets.
Things that belonged to some aspect of the Collective Unconscious...and not necessarily to him.
He exposed them through his writing...but this bit of astrology makes me wonder just how much was fiction.
Not that he was his villains...but that they constitute the dark side of all personalities.
We are both dark and light, and he chose to write about that aspect of consciousness that only sees the light of day in extraordinary circumstances.
And when it IS played out in reality, it is an acting out of what humanity represses.
Instead of sublimation, we’re left with destruction.
And so this is one author who did some of the alchemical work for us all by sublimating the darkness.
Of course I’m not out to canonize him...but there’s just such a vast difference between making sensational / tragic news...or making sensational tripe with it...and what he was able to do with words.
It’s as if he was doing something similar to what Brahm Stoker did...but in this case, the villains serve to create the heroine.
So instead of the focus being on the archetypal evil of a purely fictional villain, the focus is on the heroine...and the strength of these villains is successfully transferred to and psychologically sublimated in the heroine.
Its a little something like money laundering, I suppose.
Maybe Brahm Stoker wanted to have Dracula do this through Van Helsing, but I'll just leave that thought dangling for now, as his success seems ripe for some other time.

the planets
2nd House Luna reaches a Quincunx to 9th House Venus in a strong waxing Quintile to 8th House Uranus) at 3:21 PM.

kristo’s intuition
This is someone addicted to mystery and suspense.
Unfortunately, the suspense was killing him...almost literally.
These dark characters and scenarios were not only coming up out of the darkness of the Collective Unconscious...but doing some not so subtle damage to him physically.
I don’t know why or how...but this 2nd House Moon placement certainly says so.
It also makes him something of a Peter Birkhäuser.

the planets
9th House Venus exactly Quintiles 8th House Uranus (in his Square to 9th House Neptune, Opposition to 2nd House Chiron, and Quincunx to 1st House Mars) at 4:05 PM.

kristo’s intuition
This uber-creative Venus is able to channel all of that darkness...but the darkness is truly awful.
There’s just no getting around it.
And this makes him remarkably similar to Niklaus von Flüe...who WAS, in fact, canonized.
According to Jung, the visions which came to Niklaus were of such a terrifying nature, that they actually changed his face.
He became a man physically scarred by what he saw...which was the countenance of an extremely dark deity able to embody both good and evil.
And according to Marie-Louise von Franz, these visions of Bruder Klaus (as he is also known) are of enormous import to humanity because of his isolation in the mountains, far from the influence of civilization, i.e. the collective consciousness.
As such, they carry “the stamp of unconventional authenticity” precisely because his consciousness was planted so deep in the milieu of the Collective Unconscious.

the planets
1st House Moon Quintiles 10th House Sagittarian Mars (in his Trine to 7th House Pluto / Sol Coniunctio, and 6th House Uranus) at 7:32 PM.

kristo’s intuition
In the case of Niklaus there were several images of this vision that he drew on his monastic cell wall.
And in the case of Stieg Larsson, instead of visual images, we have 3 finished manuscripts.
Niklaus was careful enough to keep these images hidden from the Inquisition...otherwise, canonization might have been out of the question.
Larsson had the ability to present the darkness he witnessed in entertaining form, but I sense from the astrology that he might have made even more meaningful creative use of it. Perhaps more like Birkhäuser...or like Stoker.
In any event, his premature death means that what he saw has now sunk back in the Collective Unconscious.
And we can only hope for some other great artist to bring it to light again for us...and in a way that won’t destroy us.
Because this is exactly what the enterprise of terrorism does.
The unconscious acting out of the darkness we refuse to see in ourselves...and fervently believe that the other guy embodies.



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