kristo’s horoscope
for Steve Jobs
February 24th, 1955
San Francisco 7:15 PM

kristo’s horoscope

for Steve Jobs

the planets
6th House Piscean Sun Sextile 4th House Dragon’s Head

kristo’s intuition
With a Piscean Sun in the House of Virgo, the guy is more than a serious worker...he’s a perfectionist with a penchant for dreaming.
Virgos have a gift for writing or dealing with code, but they’re not necessarily the most imaginative of people.
They like following the rules...not making new ones up.
Steve Jobs was apparently more of a Piscean dreamer doing a Virgoan’s job.
So, in essence, he could take the most mundane of tasks and bring the wildest of possibilities in the collective unconscious to bear on them.
It could be a little like having Einstein do your arithmetic homework with you and offer suggestions about how you could think about the problems.
It also makes him a really wild, over-the-top critic of his own work and that of anybody working with or for him...i.e. his criticism knows no bounds.

From my experience teaching in classrooms I know that there are different types of learners.
One is the type who needs to ask “Why?”
This type can’t hear or absorb anything you say until you explain to them why the particular topic of a given day needs to be taught.
The next type asks “What?”
They need an overview of the day’s topic so they know what to expect.
Another type asks “How?”
They want the facts and instructions, and don’t need any other explanations.
The 4th type of learner always asks “What if?” in “What if we talked about something else?”
They are always off topic, and always exasperate the other students by changing the subject and coming up with wild and tangential connections to the topic at hand.
Without them, we could easily and efficiently deal with the day’s work, and head off for a beer afterwards.
But without them, we’re all stuck in the same rut with the same material, and will NEVER change anything about the way we work or what we’re working on.
And THAT “What if” is a Piscean Sun in the 6th House.

the planets
Unaspected Aries Moon in the 7th House

kristo’s intuition
This is a real paradox of a placement. A Warrior Moon in the House of Libra.
If nothing else, this is a love of clean, elegant solutions...and a love of really simple beauty.
There’s also serious loyalty in an Aries Moon...sometimes to the point of personal detriment.
There’s more to say about such a Moon, including the fact that people with 7th House planets are, very often, working artists...but let’s just leave it at that.

the planets
11th House Pluto in Leo:
Sextile 2nd House Neptune in Libra

kristo’s intuition
This is, of course, the classic Baby Boomer Pluto...and an Aquarian / 11th House placement for it indicates that this is one maverick who means business.
He doesn’t go around just asking “What if?” He also goes around saying, something like a Howard Beale, as in “This Sucks...and I’m not gonna put up with it!”
But unlike a Howard Beale, he apparently knew what to do about it.
Funny how it makes him something of a godfather to the occupy wall street movement.

the planets
3rd House Saturn in Scorpio:
Trines to Uranus and Jupiter, Sextile to Venus, Quintile to Chiron

kristo’s intuition
This is a guy who likes to talk...but is seriously concerned with making sure that what gets heard is exactly (and ONLY) what he wanted to say.
Nothing more, nothing less.
This is a very secretive guy, and while he likes to talk, he doesn’t say anything he doesn’t mean.
Not that he never lied...but that he cares so much about what is heard, he’ll say anything to make sure his point gets across.
The facts and the factoids are not so important to him. It’s the message he wants communicated that counts.
But instead of being a manipulative, propaganda monger like some successfully sneaky, advertising whores, er, I mean, um, whoevers...that Quintile to Chiron means you can follow his message and he won’t steer you wrong.
He’d never sell you the Brooklyn Bridge...but he might help to sell you on a useful little walk across it.

the planets
8th House Mars in Aries:
Opposite Neptune

kristo’s intuition
I don’t know what he had up his sleeve. And I don’t think anybody else ever did...or could.
Not unless he wanted you to know.
This is a guy who knows how to use the word “Secret” and turn it into a verb.

the planets
5th House Mercury in Aquarius:

kristo’s intuition
Well, you can’t be a quintessential Baby Boomer without some good-natured mischief somewhere in your bones.
It’s also a sign of someone who isn’t afraid of making mistakes...and even welcomes them.
It’s also a curiosity that wants to tinker with just about anything and everything.
And again, unlike Howard Beale, this is an optimistic kid who loves to try out new stuff, and put all sorts of silly things together in crazy combinations, as opposed to just taking them apart.
He’s smart enough to know that you don’t try putting the stems back into the cherries...but then again, he’s got some ideas on the subject.
So he’d be like the kid pulling wings off of flies, except that he’d be trying to figure out how to give them (and us) better ones.

the planets
4th House Venus in Capricorn:
Sextile Saturn, Opposite Jupiter and Uranus

kristo’s intuition
This is also a guy who loves hardware...and all of the stuff under the hood.
Nice, solid, efficient, elegant works that don’t make any noise and don’t need to be seen, but just get the job done.

the planets
10th House Jupiter in Cancer Conjunct 11th House Uranus in Cancer

kristo’s intuition
This is where we’ve got some seriously quirky, particularly enigmatic uniqueness.
Consider it a small insight into the Apple logo...which is of course, a combination of Newton and Eve.
Somehow, it’s also connected to the whole WYSIWYG GUI business.
Steve Jobs didn’t invent the technology, but he DID recognize how it might best be put into practical use.
And it’s this sort of astrologic combination that seems to signify the archetype of “Recognition” in just the way James Burke speaks of it in his “Connections” series.
And of course it’s just someone like Steve Jobs who showed us the power of that archetype in our own lifetime...which is what, I think, we’re all responding to in terms of mourning his passing.

the planets
2nd House Neptune in Libra:
Opposite Mars

kristo’s intuition
As I’ve said elsewhere, where Neptune falls in our chart is where we get our inspiration from.
Neptune is our Genius, if not our Muse.
Of course it’s also where we find our intoxications...and so I’d have to guess that Steve Jobs was a music nut.
The iPod wasn’t just an invention for the was an invention for Steve.
It’s simply what HE wanted.
I normally have a helluva time trying to distinguish 2nd House Music influences from 2nd House Gardening influences. (Hey...I’m serious!)
But in the case of Steve there any doubt???
Hey...I wonder if he had some sort of iGardenWeasel up his sleeve.

the planets
5th House Chiron in Aries Quintile Saturn, and 4th House Dragon’s Head (North Node of the Moon) in Capricorn Sextile the Sun

kristo’s intuition
The Dragon’s Head has everything to do with our Calling...but I swear, since Steve Jobs apparently fulfilled his, I wonder what this 4th House North Node has to do with that.
Normally the 4th House is private, personal stuff.
I consider it our Psychic Basement.
And maybe Steve had a really nice finished basement, but I would think of this as just a little more like a laboratory along the lines of Men Who Stare at Goats.
And maybe that’s what he was looking to do.
To eliminate the hardware, and give us some sort of computer system independent of even the cloud.
The cloud, of course, just being a primitive form of his ultimate goal.
Unfortunately for us, we’re going to have to wait for somebody else to recognize the components and piece them together.

Interestingly, Steve was under the influence of a Pluto transit which was to end on December 5th of this year...i.e. transiting Pluto was Conjuncting his natal North Node.
The exact dates are as follows:
Feb-8-2008 Beginning
Jan-3-2010 Direct
Jul-24-2010 Retrograde
Nov-2-2010 Direct
Dec-5-2011 ending
I’ve written about the significance of Pluto Transits on my blog, and so I won’t go into that so much here except to say that while physical death is a reality that can be associated with them, whatever Steve Jobs personally experienced during this transit was the important thing.
And while it must have been physically painful, according to his 2005 speech at Stanford, he had already absorbed the lessons of Pluto, and must have been looking forward to really letting go.



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