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Gretel’s brother, Hansel

kristo’s lunarscope

for Gretel’s brother, Hansel

the planets
The 9th House Aries Moon Opposes 3rd House Libra Mercury (in his her Coniunctio to Pluto, Sextiles to 1st House Venus and 5th House Neptune, and Trine to 11th House Mars) at 1:14 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This is somebody who is brave, confident, optimistic, loyal, and knows how to travel.
He gets the details, but isn’t too concerned about them, as the big picture is what interests him.
There are just too many possibilities associated with the details that it’s useless to worry or fuss over them.

the planets
8th House Luna Trines 11th House Leo Venus at 4:30 AM.

kristo’s intuition
He’s willing to share his secrets (and he has plenty of them) but only with those who are willing to follow him.
Witchcraft is not out of the question...nor is astrology.
Rules, though, are quite obviously meant to be broken.

the planets
7th House Luna Opposes 1st House Pluto at 5:41 AM.

kristo’s intuition
Alchemy and Art are quite important to him.
Consider that he was also a member of Gen Y...although not in this century.
Some might consider him to be dangerous...and in league with the Devil...but nothing could be farther from the truth.
It’s very likely that he had some really excellent alchemical tract to guide him.

the planets
12th House Libra Sol begins a Quintile to 3rd House Sagittarian Neptune (that lasts all day and into the next) at 7:10 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This isn’t just good fortune, it’s great art.
It means that he is in tune with the most amazing insights from the Collective Unconscious...and that they are ALWAYS optimistic and positive.
He’s ALWAYS able to put a positive spin on things, and he’s not wrong.
His glass really IS more than half full...yet he can easily see the dark side of things too.
For him, there just doesn’t seem to be any reason to point out the obvious.

the planets
5th House Luna Sextiles 8th House Gemini Mars (in a waxing Sextile to Venus) at 9:59 AM, and 2nd House Capricorn Jupiter (in his Square to Sol) exactly Sextiles the 3rd House Piscean Dragon’s Head (in its Quincunx to Sol) at 10:24 AM.

kristo’s intuition
The guy is just incredibly well balanced and level-headed.
Those secrets are almost burning a hole in his pocket, he’s so eager to share them...but his integrity is absolute.
Okay, so he enjoys certain privileges...why not?
His practical intuition is also extraordinary.
He can read all the signs of the earth, the sky, and the body with stunning accuracy.

the planets
4th House Leo Venus exactly Sextiles 6th House Pluto (in his waxing Quintile to Uranus) at 7:53 PM.

kristo’s intuition
We could call this 4th House Venus his sister...and be somewhat accurate...but of course, it’s his Anima.
This is somebody who worked hard to withdraw those Anima projections and let the Feminine be itself.
He had to sweat for it...but he did it.

the planets
5th House Mercury exactly Quintiles 7th House Sagittarian Uranus (in his Square to Sol) at 9:30 PM.

kristo’s intuition
There were times when his patience was tried to the nth degree...but he was able to triumph easily in the end.
And these are just impeccable alchemical credentials.

the planets
10th House Luna Trines 6th House Uranus at 11:42 PM, and goes Void of Course for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

kristo’s intuition
He didn’t really have trouble with authority<...but he WAS an authority...and lesser authorities had trouble with HIM.
In the end, apparently, he surprised nearly everyone with his authority...and went on to teach (almost) everything he knew.

Just to be clear, fairy tales are not about real people...i.e. real, historic individuals...they are about archetypes and archetypal situations that real people like you and I face in everyday life. Maybe not every single day...but sometimes a fairy tale situation applies to an individual for quite long periods of time.
In any case, the story of Hansel and Gretel is something I’m working on at the moment, and I’ve found that the character of Hansel is based on a particular historical personage whose name may not be familiar to everyone...but was apparently well-known to quite a few people who wouldn’t be at all surprised to find him eating ginger bread.
Look for me to name him, and post my Jungian interpretation of Hansel and Gretel in the very near future.


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