kristo’s lunarscopes
alchemical astrology for
Amy Winehouse
September 14th, 1983

kristo’s lunarscope

for Amy Winehouse

the planets
The 5th House Sagittarian Moon Trines 2nd House Leo Mars (in his Sextile to the 11th House Gemini Dragon’s Head, and strong Quintile to 4th House Scorpio Saturn) at 2:01 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This indicates someone with hugely creative talent who is likely to be both a musician and a dancer.
She’s also likely to be an extraordinarily extraverted performer.
The Sagittarian / Leo influence is so strong here that there is almost nothing she would ever be able to, or want to, hold back in terms of showing off...yet the Scorpio Saturn influence indicates an ability to hide something significant enough to create mystery.
Enormous generosity is something hard-wired into this psyche and talent as well.

the planets
Luna begins a T-Square with an Opposition to the Dragon’s Head (in its Square to 2nd House Virgo Sol, and Sextiles to 1st House Mars and Venus in Leo) at 3:08 AM, and completes it with a Square to Sol at 3:24 AM.

kristo’s intuition
Discipline and practice are what allowed this natural talent to achieve what she did.
A definite taste for perfection might have made things difficult, but was never truly compromised.
Mistakes were made, of course...and certain choices were foolish...but she ALWAYS knew what was right.

the planets
The 3rd House Moon first Trines Retrograde 11th House Leo Venus at 8:18 AM; and then Luna (in a waxing Coniunctio to Neptune) Squares Retrograde 11th House Virgo Mercury (in his / her now waxing Coniunctio to Sol, and strong, waxing Quintile to the 2nd House Jupiter / Uranus Coniunctio in Sagittarius) at 9:01 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This is a desire to push the creative edges...especially in terms of telling her story.
As an astrologic indication of free-association, she was extremely curious to see what would come up.
Putting that into words was no easy thing, though.
She most definitely struggled to get them just right.
Her song writing, then, was something she sweated and suffered for.

the planets
10th House Mercury exactly Quintiles 1st House Uranus (in his Opposition to 7th House Gemini Chiron) at 11:51 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This is an astrologic indication of teaching by example.
It says not to be discouraged by mistakes.
Make them, learn from them, but also ENJOY them.
It seems that what doesn’t kill us can make us stronger and wiser.
But we DO have to worry about that edge...and getting sloppy.
Perhaps she hoped her dedication to perfection in music would keep her from any crucial mistakes in other areas.
Not only that, but this Jupiter / Uranus Conjunction speaks to an enormous optimism.
One that she could almost always count on to save her.
She followed just enough rules, too.
Things that she had an unshakeable faith in.
Somehow the balance always weighed heavily in her favor.
All except for that odd “27” business...i.e. history.

the planets
1st House Luna (in a waxing Sextile to 10th House Libra Pluto) exactly Conjuncts Neptune at 2:37 PM.

kristo’s intuition
This is the double edged sword of extreme Creative Inspiration and Intoxication.
The astrologic association to Queen Maeve is remarkable.
And perhaps this is an unfortunate identification with the archetype that Jung spoke of as being so very dangerous.
The closer this moment to her actual birth time might be, the closer she was to her Muse and Genius...but also the closer she was to the danger of inflation...i.e. thinking of herself AS the Muse.

the planets
11th House Luna Sextiles 8th House Pluto at 5:35 PM, and goes Void of Course for 3 hours and 59 minutes.

kristo’s intuition
This represents a very serious temptation.
It’s an astrologic Achilles choice to either channel those demons in favor of her Creativity, or to use that Creativity to exorcize them.
There’s no way to decide what’s right here.
But a Sagittarian Moon is likely to be all ears for Nietzsche’s famous counsel:
“Be careful, lest in casting out your demon you exorcise the best thing in you.”

the planets
8th House Luna enters Capricorn at 9:24 PM and simultaneously begins a Yod with 6th House Scorpio Saturn, and 1st House Gemini Chiron that lasts the rest of the day.

kristo’s intuition
Getting rid of the demons apparently would have used up all of her Creativity.
And as it stands, this change in the Moon indicates serious Integrity.
The 6th House of Work is huge, as well, indicating an absolute commitment to keep producing Work.
But, most importantly, the Moon is no longer in Conjunction with Neptune.
It’s very likely that despite appearances, she chose to kick out the demons at the expense of her Muse.

the planets
3rd House Mars exactly Sextiles the 12th House Dragon’s Head at 11:40 PM.

kristo’s intuition
This could be an astrologic image of The Dying Gaul...albeit with Cleopatra eyes.
Sad, of course.
Wrong gender, perhaps.
But still beautiful.



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