kristo’s lunarscopes
alchemical astrology for
Johnny Hoogerland
May 13th, 1983

kristo’s lunarscope

for Johnny Hoogerland

the planets
12th House Taurean Moon Conjuncts Chiron (in his Coniunctio to Mars, and Yod with the 6th House Pluto / Saturn Coniunctio in Libra, and their Sextile to 7th House Sagittarian Neptune) at 7:19 AM CEST +1GMT.

kristo’s intuition
This is an astrologic picture of Merlin...i.e. someone of immense intuitive knowledge and understanding.
Someone so in tune with both the Earth...i.e. the ground on which he stands and the potential it holds...and the body...i.e. its innate rhythms and secrets, that he seems to be a magician. a druid, The Green Man or perhaps even The Khidr.
For someone born in the Netherlands, the guy is just so in touch with the earth that it’s hard to understand...except that I can imagine him being in tune with the blood.
Blood being so close to seawater in composition, he seems to have an intuitive understanding of the sea’s rhythms deep within him.

the planets
Luna Conjuncts Mars at 7:35 AM, and goes Void of Course for 4 hours and 28 minutes; but now, the Pluto / Saturn Coniunctio is in the 5th House.
Luna reaches an exact Quincunx to that 5th House Pluto at 7:44 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This makes him both Sir Gawain and the Green Knight simultaneously.
Whatever he is, he’s all about courage.

the planets
11th House Luna reaches an exact Quincunx to 6th House Neptune at 9:58 AM, (with Pluto and Saturn in the 4th House), and 11th House Mars reaches an exact Quincunx to Pluto at 10:29 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This astrologic configuration indicates that a Quest for the Holy Grail is hard-wired into this psyche.
So...competing in the Tour de France makes perfect sense.
The peloton being a modern-day equivalent of Round Table Knights (and their enemies).

the planets
11th House Luna reaches an exact Quincunx to Saturn at 11:16 AM, and enters Gemini at 12:03 PM.
Simultaneously, Pluto enters the 3rd House.

kristo’s intuition
This is clearly Percival’s meeting with the Fisher King.
And given Johnny’s injury during the race, this would, again, make him both characters simultaneously.

the planets
8th House Luna BiQuintiles 1st House Pluto at 5:59 PM.

kristo’s intuition
This would have to be some strength of mythic proportion combined with a secret Achilles Heel.
Great power conferred at the expense of some hidden but equally great weakness.
And indeed, we’ve had a glimpse of it during this year’s Tour de France.
His attacking style may not be tactically sound for winning, but his legend is destined to grow by virtue of many future feats.

the planets
7th House Luna BiQuintiles 11th House Saturn at 9:28 PM.

kristo’s intuition
Expect his strengths to grow, and expect him to succeed in what might otherwise appear to be a mistake.
As an aside, with 4 planets (plus Chiron) in the 7th House at 8:30 PM, if this had been his birth time, he'd be a working artist capable of transforming angry art into something extraordinary.
In any case, whatever he would endeavor to do, he would have to be something of an elite at.
It would only depend on which House these planets fall in, as his potential is enormous.
Interestingly, as he ages, he will continue to get better...and more youthful.

the planets
5th House Luna Opposes 11th House Sagittarian Uranus (in his close Coniunctio to Jupiter) at 1:14 AM of May 14th, and Opposes 10th House Jupiter at 1:21 AM.

kristo’s intuition
The astrologic day only ends at 1:40 AM, and so these influences (which have been waxing all day) apply strongly to this chart.
Expect his psyche to acquire so much experience and wisdom as to become a seriously great teacher, mentor, coach, and authority.
Someone with such great energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm makes both an excellent student and an even better teacher.



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