kristo’s horoscope
for Barack Obama
August 4th, 1961
Honolulu 7:24 PM

kristo’s horoscope

for President Obama

the planets
Unaspected Leo Sun in 6th House

kristo’s intuition
This is a fairly surprising finding for a president of the United States.
Not the Leo part, though.
Leo’s are extraverts, pure and simple...and so a life in Politics is a no-brainer here.
Even the 6th House placement is fine, making him a guy who likes to get his hands dirty and get things done (although he'd be sure to wash them and make sure he gets his fingernails clean afterwards).
In fact, this strong Virgoan influence means he pays attention to detail.
He likes following the rules.
And he definitely cares about doing the best job he possibly can.

So with the combination of Leo and Virgo, he makes an excellent public servant!
But that alone doesn't make him a leader.
Yes, Sun in Leo is something of a born leader...but in the 6th House, it makes that Leo Sun more of a born Colonel or General...but not the supreme commander.
Somehow, I get the sinking feeling that this leader would have been better off working in the Senate rather than the White House.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm not interested in politics...but I was happy as hell that he was elected...and then, like many a liberal, started getting a little troubled by his seeming over-graciousness towards Wall Street and the right.
I think we'll see as this horoscope unfolds, though, that this zealousness for bi-partisanship is an obvious manifestation of some of these planetary configurations...most specifically his planets in the 7th House.

Something else about Virgos.
They make excellent critics...and no matter how critical anyone of us is concerning his presidency, nobody is more self-critical or more discerning of his own faults than our president.
He knows what works and what doesn't...and not too many others in politics are likely to have as discerning an inner critic.
Not to mention anyone as astute in his observations concerning his chosen field of endeavor.
The guy is just destined to be damned good at what he does...but astrologically speaking, he's not always gonna come across as the guy in charge.
Especially when he's working as hard as he can.
He’s sometimes just too busy working to lead.

the planets
Moon in Gemini 4th House:
Sextile to Mercury, Trine to Jupiter, Square to Chiron

kristo’s intuition
Here's a first indication of why the president sometimes seems so frustratingly reserved, instead of vociferous.
He's got the most extraverted of all Moons, but it’s in the damned 4th House!
A Gemini Moon normally means TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK.
This is the guy on the train or bus who can't keep his phone conversation to himself. And if he's not on the phone, he's gonna talk to you...or anyone and everyone else within shouting distance.
This is a guy who lives for conversation, news, and gossip.
He's curious about anything and everything / anybody and everybody, and he wants to tell you about it.

Oh yeah, and did I say he loves to talk?
He loves books and reading, too.
Probably never walked by a bookstore in his life without browsing AND buying.
BUT...that chatterbox Moon is in the House of Cancer.
Luna rules Cancer and the 4th House...and so she’s at home here...but a Gemini Moon here is gonna channel all of that talk into something else.
Most likely, self-talk.
Literally, this is someone who talks to himself.
No, not in a loony-tunes sorta way; but Cancer is probably THE most introverted sign of the zodiac.
Introverted AND private.

This is not someone who shares personal information too readily, if at all.
So I suppose this would account for keeping his birth certificate under wraps for so long.
It literally was nobody’s business, and a Moon in Cancer / 4th House doesn’t share stuff like that readily, if ever.
For goodness sake, there's no subterfuge’s just PERSONAL!

So the man has a seriously paradoxical need to talk, and yet never reveal anything personal, if possible.
Helluva problem when your chosen profession is public office, but that Sextile to his 5th House Mercury means he's good at separating what’s personal from whatever could be made public...for the sake of the job.
Bottom line is, if he hasn’t said what you want to hear, it’s because he cares about what he says.
He cares about how it sounds to you and what it’s gonna mean to you.
And not for some self-serving reason...the guy REALLY REALLY cares.
Let's put it this way... with a 4th House Moon, he cares as much about you as your Momma!
Although, given the Gemini business, he ain’t your momma.
He’s more like an older brother who has to take care of you because your momma’s sick or something.
Why else did you think he cares about healthcare reform?

the planets
7th House Pluto in Virgo:
Sextile to Neptune, Opposition to Chiron, and BiQuintile to Jupiter

kristo’s intuition
This is the GenX Pluto, with a typical Sextile to Neptune...the fact that it’s in the 7th House makes it a bit more particular, given that this is the House of Libra...but the most remarkable thing is this BiQuintile to a 12th House Jupiter in Aquarius.
This makes our president EXTREMELY fortunate.
The stuff he decides that he wants DONE, usually gets done.
Maybe this even explains how he got Osama.
So I guess it’s better to be lucky than to be anything else, even if there’s something of a blind spot in this.
This blind spot is important, though: it means that when he wants something accomplished he’s uncannily like the pint-sized Darth Vader in that super bowl commercial.
(hey, looking at that doll must be what it’s like to face Newt Gingrich...)
Okay, so maybe the prez is just a little delusional in his perception of the way things work...but his heart’s definitely in the right place.

This 7th House placement means he’s a fault.
He doesn’t seem to have the Libran sensibility of an artist...but I’ve seen 7th House planets properly belonging to lawyers...the kind who actually care about justice.
Fair and balanced?
THIS guy is way more than fair, and very seriously balanced.
He cares so much about fairness and justice that he doesn’t have the killer instinct.
Going for the jugular just isn’t his style, and that annoys an awful lot of cranky people whose only concern is WINNING at any cost.
It’s actually because he knows from experience it just doesn’t work for him.
I don’t know what that experience is, but it’s right there in his 1st House Chiron.

the planets
12th House Saturn in Capricorn:
Quincunx to Uranus / North Node Coniunctio, and Trine to Mars

kristo’s intuition
This is where his authority the 12th House.
Unfortunately, not the most presidential of placements; and btw, a Saturn in Capricorn is the epitome of Conservatism.
It also makes him a genuine father figure...fortunately way more George Washington than that other George.

One thing that’s associated with the 12th House is he’s also way more Dalai Lama than Harry Truman.
And while this Saturn really knows HOW to draw the line, this 12th House placement makes it difficult to know just WHERE to draw it.
But that’s because he has a strong awareness of the fact that the territory is always shifting, and lines in this sort of sand don’t mean very much in far too many contexts.
They constantly have to be re-drawn to accomodate the inevitable shifts in balance.
Of course, that makes life difficult for him...and us.
We don’t and can’t always know where he stands.
But it’s not because he’s wishy-washy.
He’s just sensitive to facts that we aren’t always aware of.
It’s the Capricorn / 12th House connection that makes him seriously intuitive about the most practical of matters.

So, some of those lines he draws really just irritate us...even if they’re meant to protect us from ourselves.
Does this make him a more-government guy?
Even though he knows it’s not the most popular way to go.
Push comes to shove, he’s always gonna go with what’s right rather than what’s popular.
It’s a matter of integrity.

the planets
7th House Mars in Virgo:
Trine to Saturn

kristo’s intuition
Mars in Virgo is a guy doing chores on Saturdays...except his whole life is one long Saturday.
The chores are never ending, and that’s just the way he likes it.
In that sense, the White House is like his very own Home Depot.
He takes the time to read the damned instructions, too!
Hey, the man is really a lawmakers’ lawmaker.
And with his Pluto in the same House, I think he’s awfully comfortable with that quote from Otto von Bismark about sausage-making being like law-making.
Like I said earlier, he likes getting his hands dirty...and apparently, er...bloody.
Politically and metaphorically speaking, of course.
Sawdust is more to his liking, I guess he’s more of an Abe Lincoln than any of us realize.

the planets
6th House Mercury in Leo:
Opposite Jupiter, Quincunx to Chiron, and Sextile the Moon

kristo’s intuition
Did I say that this man loves to talk?????
He’s also in love with facts and figures.
It’s all in the details.
And of course, he would be an author.
Words fascinate him.

So does rhetoric...i.e. how words can be used and useful.
He likes to read AND tell stories.
He likes to teach, but here too, he’s had some unpleasant, past experience.
He’d also make a good reporter, talk-show host, or critic.
He REALLY knows what questions to ask!
He probably enjoys reading encyclopedias and dictionaries.
I can relate.

the planets
5th House Venus in Cancer:
Quincunx to Jupiter

kristo’s intuition
This is someone who likes making things for the sake of his family and home.
He’s aware of the dangers and difficulties out there in the world, and he doesn’t like sugar-coating things...but he know’s he’s got to put an optimistic spin on things for the sake of home and family.
Somehow, the global responsibilities of the job are a bit overwhelming, and it’s here that he’s a bit overmatched.
He’s not exactly a world-leader in terms of his political skill set.
Not as far as global politics goes.
He’s far too compassionate and caring.
There’s a certain shyness about him that makes life uncomfortable...for him.
I think he’d like to appear tougher than he is.
That must be why he had Rahm around.

the planets
12th House Jupiter in Aquarius:
BiQuintile to Pluto, Quincunx to Venus, Opposition to Mercury, Trine to Moon

kristo’s intuition
There’s a lot going on in this Jupiter, as it’s connected to so many other planets...but the main thing is a larger-than-life sense of compassion.
This is a man who’d like to bring peace and prosperity to the planet, but knows that his best shot has more to do with a certain select group, rather than the world at large.
Just so happens that the group is the USA, but he can do large and larger.
No matter that it interferes with his family life, because he bends over backward to make that work.
And with that connection to Pluto, if anyone can achieve peace, he’s one to give it to us.
He’s probably got more surprises up his sleeve than just Osama, too.

the planets
9th House Neptune in Scorpio:
Sextile to Pluto, and Quintile to the Uranus / North Node Coniunctio

kristo’s intuition
Where Neptune falls in our chart is where we get our inspiration from.
Neptune is our Genius, if not our Muse.
Of course it’s also where we find our intoxications; and in this case it’s something of a secret.
This is someone who likes certain snarky things, so let’s just leave it at that.
Ain’t nobody’s business.
But we CAN say that he enjoys travel.
He may not be the guy to save the world, but he gets inspiration from traveling to far-flung places and engaging with other cultures and perspectives.
He could be the sorta guy who likes to indulge in local delicacies...and especially in things that are otherwise forbidden at home.
(Think Cuban cigars, for one...)
But as long as he’s such a public figure, there’s no chance in hell that we’ll ever learn what they are.
Like I said...nobody’s business.

the planets
7th House Uranus Conjunct the Dragon’s Head (North Node of the Moon) in Leo:
Quincunx to Saturn, and Quintile to Neptune

kristo’s intuition
The Dragon’s Head has everything to do with our Calling...and so here we have somebody with a 7th House Calling.
It’s what I often see with working artists.
But I've also seen it with lawyers...which at first surprised me...but of course, only makes sense.

The Leo business is clear enough.
This is someone who needs to be the center of attention.
Not necessarily in a nasty way, though.
The need for attention is hard-wired into Leos, and of course there’s a dark side to there is with every Sign.
For Leos it has to do with pure, empty ego-mania.
A certain narcissism that never looks good, and easily gets under the skin.
The good side of this is a matter of Synergy.
Attention provides the kind of feedback that promotes enthusiasm, which in turn leads to more interesting and attention-worthy work, which leads to more attention, enthusiasm, and so on in a positive escalation of benefits for all.
That’s what’s meant to happen.
But in the case of a president, there’s bound to be plenty of negative feedback and attention.
And instead of enthusiasm, there’s a potential for plenty of narcissistic negativity.
So this may be where the 7th House comes in.
As the House of Libra, it’s all a matter of patience in the face of paradox.
This is someone who can take all of that cranky negative attention and slowly let it cook while transforming it into enthusiasm.
Like a true alchemist who’s able to turn lead into gold, that’s what this man is meant to do.
And considering the fact that in his position, he’s got to take so much, I mean lead...he’s got the perfect material for making a shitload of metaphoric gold.
Kinda like Rumpelstiltskin, except he’s not looking for anything in return.
He’s just loves to share the wealth.
And he’s gonna surprise us all with it.



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