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kristo’s lunarscope

for Muammar Qaddafi
“Baby Boomer Extraordinaire”

Birthplace: Sirte District of Libya
Birthdate: June 7, 1942

the planets
12th House Piscean Moon Squares 3rd House Gemini Jupiter (in his Square to Neptune) at 2:43 AM, and goes Void of Course for 1 hour and 28 minutes.

kristo’s intuition
Remarkably, this guy’s day begins with the makings of a very powerful Intuition and genuine Compassion.
Chances are, his natal Moon was actually in Aries, but this early influence still counts.
Instead of being a source of compassion though, this moon is at odds with one of the chief characteristics and overriding emphasis of his character...which is over-the-top flamboyance.

A 3rd House Gemini Jupiter is about as flamboyant a story teller as Baron von Münchausen...and that Square to this particular Moon makes him just as big a Liar.
Although his lies might actually fall into the category of boasting and hyperbole rather than outright subterfuge.
This isn’t a Scorpio Moon, after all.
But then, Qaddafi was NOT the pleasant sort of character Münchausen seems to have been.

the planets
Luna enters Aries in the 11th House at 4:11 AM.

kristo’s intuition
And so this is where the worm turns.
Not that there’s anything wrong with an Aries Moon! But it’s so much more likely for an Aries Moon to want to fight than just about any sort of Pisces Moon.
An Aries Moon implies loyalty and courage, but it also means:
comically or not, he’d rather fight than switch.

the planets
10th House Aries Moon Sextiles 12th House Gemini Uranus (in his Coniunctio to Saturn, and Sextile to Pluto) at 6:43 AM.

kristo’s intuition
So, what would he really rather fight over?
Well, you name it, he’d be interested in going a few rounds over it.
The more provocative and unpredictable, the better.
Actually, this also means he would be bored out of his skull without something new and different to fight about.
A positive spin here would make him the champion of lost causes and odd sorts of charities.
Maybe something like “Save the Antarctic Chipmunk”.
But the flip side would make him something of an Idi Amin, if not exactly a Hannibal Lecter.

The next 3 Lunar aspects determine something definitive about Qaddafi.
Two of them would serve to define him as a genuine Hannibal Lecter character, yet there’s a very fortunate aspect tucked in between these two that save him (and therefore, the rest of us) from absolute atrocity.

the planets
8th House Aries Moon Sextiles 10th House Saturn at 11:24 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This affords him the wherewithal to become not just a head of state, but a wealthy one able to indulge his whims.
Those whims need not be so dark and atrocious, but they have a certain Oedipal slant to them.
Let’s face it, the guy has 5 planets in Gemini...and this makes him one of the biggest kids of all time.
Anybody with that much of a Gemini influence would have to be Curious about anything and everything, as well as Talkative as hell.
My guess is that the guy would probably NEVER shut up. And anything he would say would be complete and utter BS.
Not to disparage any of you über-Gemini’s, but you guys DO have a tendency to talk, um...let’s call it fluff.
Anyway, he’d probably bounce from one subject to the next without any seeming rhyme or reason, just for the sake of hearing his own voice.
Interestingly though, a 10th House placement would bottle up that talkativeness, or at least run it through a certain kind of funnel.
In this case, his Saturn in Gemini makes him a kind of kid playing dress up...i.e. dressing up in his father’s shoes and hats.
And this Sextile to an 8th House Moon turns his choice of women into, well, um...his father’s choice.
This doesn’t make him a monster...but it COULD make him an immature little bully with a penchant for kicking people in the balls and knocking their teeth out.

the planets
8th House Aries Moon Quintiles unaspected 10th House Gemini Sun at 11:47 AM.

kristo’s intuition
So...did I say there was a redeeming characteristic hidden in this guy’s lunar day?
Well, here it is.
He definitely liked to laugh, and he liked making others laugh with him.
This could have been better emphasized in his life, but because it was between two more problematic aspects, it only served to balance them out, and keep him from becoming a genuine Hannibal Lecter.
How it manifested was more in the sense that he made people laugh AT him precisely because he was only too able to indulge his childhood fantasies.
This means that (along with his Pluto in Leo) he was the quintessential Baby Boomer.
Just look at him in his childish uniforms!
He was all about playing soldier, and dressing the part.
For goodness sakes, this couldn’t be more apparent if he wore a coonskin cap à la Davy Crockett. And don’t tell me he never thought about it.
I’m actually surprised he never wore a ten gallon hat in public...but I guess he never wanted to be so obviously “western” in exposing his childhood wishes.
But you can be sure he loved playing Cowboys and Indians...right up until his unpleasant end.
So there we have it, if not for a desire to live out the childhood dress up fantasies of any typical baby boomer, the guy would have been much more dangerous than he already was.

the planets
8th House Aries Moon Trines 11th House Leo Pluto (in his Square to Venus) at 11:49 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This, of course, is the crux of the matter and why he wasn’t just some eccentric Baby Boomer Billionaire.
It’s as if he had made some sort of real deal with the devil to have those childhood fantasies come true.
Again, with this 12th House placement of Pluto, he could have done some very significant things for charity...or some even more significant things to bully the world, but much of his activity was influenced by a chronically bizarre desire to play at too many different things at once.
I would say, fortunately, for those of us who never came under his direct influence...but his influence extends to all of us as a manifestation of everyone’s Shadow.
He did some shit that only our own Shadow would do...either us as individuals, or as a Collective.
In some ways, he is the definitive Shadow of all of us baby boomers.
We have to be very glad that he’s gone...but that really means our own repressed Shadow is gonna have to pop up somewhere else now.
Unless we do something about it.
Which IS, after all, one of the better reasons baby boomers can embrace OWS along with every other Gen X and Y’er out there.

the planets
4th House Moon Quincunx 9th House Virgo Dragon’s Head at 7:58 PM.

kristo’s intuition
Planets in the 4th House hint at unresolved issues concerning family of origin.
In this case, we have an uncomfortable Quincunx binding influential childhood difficulties to his North Node (Dragon’s Head) by way of Guilt.
A North Node in Virgo would mean that the guy was meant to be a servant in some sense...and a true civil servant is something most rulers might find challenging...but certainly not impossible.
In Qaddafi’s case, we seem to have a desire to be an extremely generous ruler (by virtue of a 9th House placement) stifled by some maternal or paternal influence making it difficult, if not impossible for him to express his innate generosity in any meaningful way.
In a patriarchal sense, he was probably forced to consider any form of servitude to be demeaning (or worse)...even if it meant serving his country or the people of his country.
And so this is probably what forced him to become a bully...or rather to have him act out his own (and likely, his father’s) Shadow side.
In true Oedipal fashion, he was probably just doing his father’s business.



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