kristo’s daily horoscope
the astrologic record for
february 23rd, 2013

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the planets
The Leo Moon reaches a Quincunx to Piscean Sol (in his Coniunctio to Neptune, and Square to Jupiter) at 2:33 AM EST UTC-5.

kristo’s intuition
Your ass seems to be a particularly unflattering light and context.
Hey...sometimes being seen is all that matters.
Bad publicity is stil publicity...right?

the planets
Piscean Mercury (in his / her Coniunctio to Mars, and Trine to the Dragon’s Head) turns Retrograde (until March 17th) at 4:41 AM.

kristo’s intuition
Three and a half weeks of...what?
That’s what happens in a Piscean Mercury Retrograde.
Expect some serious confusion.
Just know that it will have an awful lot to do with figuring out which way your conscience went.
It seems to have gotten off its leash. just gives you time to figure out who had actually been holding that leash.
(meaning...among other things: which end of it were you on?)

the planets
Luna Trines Aries Uranus (in his Sextile to Jupiter) at 6:00 AM.

kristo’s intuition
And yes...your ass does look fat.

the planets
Luna Sextiles Gemini Jupiter (in his Square to Chiron) at 7:03 AM.

kristo’s intuition
Time to explore that particular word: fat.
Adjective and Noun.
Powerful thing...isn’t it?

the planets
Luna reaches a Quincunx to Piscean Chiron (in his Sextile to Pluto, and Trine to Saturn) at 10:41 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This is what they call a come to jesus moment.

the planets
Luna reaches a Quincunx to Capricorn Pluto (in his Sextile to Saturn) at 2:19 PM.

kristo’s intuition
So...just consider this the storm before the calm....
It’s not about clearing the air, though.
It’s concerns clearing up some negative opinions about you.

the planets
Luna BiQuintiles Mars at 2:35 PM.

kristo’s intuition that that’s taken care of...feel free to let your hair down.

the planets
Luna Squares Scorpio Saturn at 3:16 PM.

kristo’s intuition
You’ve got some very dark desire that should probably be thought through a bit more.
Be careful what you decide to act out here.

the planets
Luna BiQuintiles Mercury at 7:42 PM.

kristo’s intuition
Expect an enlightening insight on that Conscience business.
Busy...but definitely enlightening.

have kristo read your birthchart...
Nobody can tell you what that kristo can...!
Let him tease out the uncanny truths hidden within your birthchart.

Barack Obama’s horoscope
I did a horoscope reading in honor of Barack Obama’s 50th birthday.
Of course that was August 4th of 2011...but it’s still meant to give you a taste of my birthchart readings which are, naturally, much less enigmatic than the dailies.
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kristo’s horoscope for Steve Jobs
Plenty has already been said about Steve Jobs.
I figured I’d find out what the stars had to say about him...
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kristo’s horoscope for Michael Hart
Michael Hart, inventor of the eBook and founder of Project Gutenberg passed away in 2011.
The way I see it, he had way more in common with Steve Jobs than meets the eye,
and I would have to guess that it was Michael who planted the seed for the idea of the iPod in Steve Jobs.
See for yourself...
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*kristo’s lunarscopes
these are the readings I do when the time of birth is unknown.
and my method is absolutely unique...
this one is for Gretel’s brother, Hansel
( think he wasn’t a real person???)
this one is for Stieg Larsson
this is for Amy Winehouse
and this is for Tour de France hero Johnny Hoogerland

kristo’s horoscope of Muammar Qaddafi
Hey...don’t you wanna know more about the baddest Bad-Boy of Baby Boomers?

horoscope for 2/22/13 / horoscope for 2/24/13

synchronicity and the horoscope...
use yesterday’s horoscope to train your own intuition.
don’t think of it as old news.
just look for things that sound like descriptions of events from your own day yesterday.
uncannily direct is great...but oddly familiar is even better.
as your intuition grows, you’ll start trusting it more and more.
that’s when you’ll start seeing your own golden synchronicities.
those affirmations from Psyche that tell you you’re on the right path...
then, like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs...
all you have to do is follow them.

kristo’s daily horoscope ... alchemical astrology for today ... by Curtis Cates, M.D.