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september 16th, 2011

the planets
The Taurean Moon Trines Capricorn Pluto (in his Square to Uranus, and Sextile to Chiron) at 1:20 AM EDT -4UTC, and BiQuintiles Libra Venus (in her Quincunxes to Neptune and Chiron, and Opposition to Uranus) at 7:00 AM.

kristo’s intuition
This particular deal with the devil costs you everything but also produces everything.
A particularly Faustian day, apparently.

the planets
Luna Conjuncts Jupiter (in his Trine to Mercury, and Quintile to Neptune) at 11:26 AM, and Quintiles Aquarian Neptune (in his Quincunx to Mars) at 1:29 PM.

kristo’s intuition
This is a gamble that fulfills a dream.
It’s not much of a gamble though, since you now know the outcome.

the planets
Venus reaches an exact Quincunx to Piscean Chiron (in his Sextile to Pluto) at 1:43 PM, and Pluto turns Direct (until April 10th) at 2:23 PM.

kristo’s intuition
Yes, well, there’s really no stopping the effects of age and aging.
Some experiences are actually worth forgetting.

the planets
Luna BiQuintiles the Sagittarian Dragon’s Head (in its Sextile to Saturn) at 3:52 PM.

kristo’s intuition
This is a real jackpot.
Expect to find your personal fountain of youth.

the planets
Luna Trines unaspected Virgo Mercury at 6:35 PM.

kristo’s intuition
Make sure that you write down the directions!

the planets
Luna Quintiles Chiron at 7:51 PM.

kristo’s intuition
Drinking from that fountain isn’t what you thought it would be, is it?
It’s way, WAY better.

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synchronicity and the horoscope...
use yesterday’s horoscope to train your own intuition.
don’t think of it as old news.
just look for things that sound like descriptions of events from your own day yesterday.
uncannily direct is great...but oddly familiar is even better.
as your intuition grows, you’ll start trusting it more and more.
that’s when you’ll start seeing your own golden synchronicities.
those affirmations from Psyche that tell you you’re on the right path...
then, like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs...
all you have to do is follow them.

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