kristo’s daily horoscope
the astrologic record for
november 4th, 2011

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Luna enters Pisces
at 3:18 AM EDT -4UTC, and Conjuncts Chiron (in his Coniunctio to Aquarian Neptune, and Square to the Mercury / Venus Coniunctio) at 4:36 AM.

I guess you could call this “that time of the month” for all of us.
Expect to be in touch with some deep, inner source of wisdom you simply can’t put into words.
And it’s nothing personal.
This is the Collective Unconscious we’re all swimming in together.

Luna Squares Sagittarian Mercury
(in his / her Trine to Uranus, and Quincunx to Jupiter) at 8:02 AM, and Squares Venus at 8:33 AM.

There’s no trivializing this, and no painting some rosy picture of it.
This is some deep shit.
But that doesn’t mean we’re drowning in it.
There’s just no knowing the bottom.

Luna Sextiles Taurean Jupiter
(in his Trine to Pluto) at 11:56 AM.

There DOES seem to be something floating by to grab hold of, though.
I don’t think you really want to know what it is...but it certainly would help you to stay afloat.
Think of it as the horizontal direction.

Luna Sextiles Capricorn Pluto
(in his Quintile to Saturn) at 2:05 PM.

You could also let go and just sink into this.
See where it takes you.
Think of it as the vertical direction.
And no matter which (direction) you choose, it’s the current of the culture that determines the destination.

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kristo’s horoscope for Michael Hart
Michael Hart, inventor of the eBook and founder of Project Gutenberg passed away last month.
The way I see it, he had way more in common with Steve Jobs than meets the eye,
and I would have to guess that it was Michael who planted the seed for the idea of the iPod in Steve Jobs.
See for yourself...
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Barack Obama’s horoscope
I’ve done a horoscope reading in honor of Barack Obama’s 50th birthday.
Of course that was on August 4th...but it’s meant to give you a taste of my birthchart readings which are, naturally, quite a bit less enigmatic than the dailies.
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synchronicity and the horoscope...
use yesterday’s horoscope to train your own intuition.
don’t think of it as old news.
just look for things that sound like descriptions of events from your own day yesterday.
uncannily direct is great...but oddly familiar is even better.
as your intuition grows, you’ll start trusting it more and more.
that’s when you’ll start seeing your own golden synchronicities.
those affirmations from Psyche that tell you you’re on the right path...
then, like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs...
all you have to do is follow them.

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